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The Heisenberg Cartel 01-22-2014 04:33 AM

Who else has a BMW here? What year *and model/chassis code and how many miles or KM? What kind of condition is it in and what kind of maintenance issues if any?

to start, mine is a 1999 E46 323i 6mt with 271,600 miles, of which about 4,000 are my own. Had to change the water pump, serp belt and AC belt after the pump broke and took the belts with it, 24 hours after purchase. Easy DIY, total cost around 130 bucks. Since then, no issues at all.

burgersandbeer 01-22-2014 08:58 AM

How do you have a 6MT on a '99 323i? Is that a typo or was the 5-speed replaced at some point? I have an '03 330i. Has 116k, 13k are mine. This was actually a one-owner car with records. Body and paint are excellent except for a small ding on the rear bumper cover. Interior is excellent as well. Mechanically, you should be sitting for the list of things I have done to it in this mileage span. Certainly some items on the list are routine maintenance for any car, but most of it has not. In no particular order:[*]4 tires[*]rear pads and rotors[*]control arm bushings[*]control arms[*]differential bushings[*]driveshaft rebuild (CV joint, flex joint, center support)[*]Fuel pump and filter[*]Starter[*]Software update[*]Intake adjuster (DISA)[*]LF window regulator[*]O2 sensors[*]Valve cover gasket and oil filter housing gasket[*]spark plug and ignition coil (chasing a misfire that was finally fixed with software)[/list]It now has this ridiculous high-pitched noise at exactly 38 mph when the car is cold. It is mostly indifferent to whether it is in gear or not, whether the clutch is engaged or not, and whether the throttle is opened or closed. It is most noticeable coasting in gear though. Additionally, if I decide to keep the car and finish the rehab, I will want new dampers. Oh, it's also turned into a rattle factory in the short time I've owned it. I swear I dodge every pothole and bump that I can.

Sam P 01-22-2014 09:33 AM

I have a 2004 330i with the 6 speed manual transmission, but unfortunately without the ZHP package or heated seats. Bought at 70k miles, now has 103k miles.

Here's what I've done to it in addition to normal fluid and filter changes:

- New water pump, hoses, and coolant overflow tank (common E46 failure point, did them preemptively after I bought my car)

- New tires (Continental DWS)

- New brakes

- New starter (current one wasn't giving problems but decided to replace pre-emptively after 90k miles on original)

- New fuel pump (again, replaced preemptively)

- New manual mirror to replace auto dimming mirror that melted internally after sitting in a 100 degree day in eastern Washington state). That's been my only "WTF, BMW" moment to date.

I will say that my car hasn't had any problems with window regulators, is on its original clutch, and has fewer rattles (read: virtually none)than my wife's 2012 Mini.

burgersandbeer 01-22-2014 10:48 AM

Sam P said - New manual mirror to replace auto dimming mirror that melted internally after sitting in a 100 degree day in eastern Washington state). That's been my only "WTF, BMW" moment to date. I don't like the auto dimming mirror. If lights are too bright with a manual mirror, I can dim it myself. The rest of the time I like seeing more detail than a collection of blurry lights behind me. I won't be sad if mine melts.

lilpoindexter 01-22-2014 03:35 PM

1988 528e converted to 5spd. Currently chilling in my garage while I look for the ambition to put the cylinder head back on.

01-22-2014 03:38 PM


mypoint02 01-22-2014 03:41 PM

^ That was me.* Sorry.

Anyways, I have two of 'em.* I have a '01 525it with 205k miles.* My daily driver.* I've had to address the typical E39 problems: thrust arm bushings / control arms, rear subframe bushings (they take a lot of punishment on the Touring), cooling system overhaul, an alternator last year, plus normal maintenance.* That's over 5 years and 120k miles.* Right now it's pretty well sorted out and running well.* I plan on keeping it for as long as possible.* They don't make 'em like the E39 anymore.

I also have a '07 530xi with 80k miles.* My wife's daily driver.* Only things besides maintenance that I've had to do since I got it has been the front brakes and the electric water pump last summer.* It's pretty soft ride compared to the E39, but a nice car to cruise around in.

Very glad I haven't had to replace any window regulators.* I had three go on my old B5 A4.* What a PITA to fix...

The Heisenberg Cartel 01-22-2014 05:16 PM

@burgersandbeer sorry, brainfarted, it is the 5MT. Is that all **** that broke or is some of it time-changes and/or pre-emptive (besides the tires, brakes and software)

@sam p: I'm surprised about the window regs considering all the horror stories I hear on them. My RF window is starting to act and sound a bit weak, think it might be time to tinker in there.

Sam P 01-22-2014 06:24 PM

Yeah, I suppose one of them will eventually fail on my car although the failures seem to be more prevalent on early E46s.

burgersandbeer 01-26-2014 03:09 PM

The Heisenberg Cartel said @burgersandbeer sorry, brainfarted, it is the 5MT. Is that all **** that broke or is some of it time-changes and/or pre-emptive (besides the tires, brakes and software) The control arms were preventive, and somewhat of a mod as I used the zhp control arms with the beefier ball joints. Even buying online, this was somewhat spendy and if I knew what I was in for with the rest of the car, I wouldn't have done it. The fuel pump might have been unnecessary. Symptoms were hard starts and misfires on starting. Fuel pumps do fail on these cars, so that is what the indy recommended. I wonder if it was just a combination of the starter failing and the old software. That one bothers me. The starter eventually died; car had to be towed home from work. I should have seen it coming, since the previous few starts were rough. The differential bushings and driveshaft rebuild was to address a lot of clunking under the car during shifting between 1-2 and sometimes 2-3 and shifting weight using throttle, even at parking lot speeds. I guess you could say it all broke. Didn't leave me stranded or anything, but it wore out. Intake adjuster was busted. If it fails completely a piece of it can get sucked into the intake, so that couldn't be ignored. Valve cover and oil filter housing gaskets are common failures after 100k miles, especially the valve cover gasket.

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