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SexCpotatoes said Lie2me said But GM is giving them an alternative with the Colorado/Sierra. Wouldn't you think that Ford would want to keep it's smaller truck buyer in house by offering it's own alternative? Far wonkier accountants than you or I have done the math and decided that anyone who was going to spend their money with Ford should move-on-up to the F150. Pickup truck buyers are notoriously brand reliable, and while the tooling on the Ranger was probably paid off shortly after the Panther Platform, you're still looking at a compact truck that has to contend with safety concerns from YOUR full sized truck in a collision. All the major full size trucks are sold at a profit, even the stripper, single-cab, grey plastic poverty-grilled Silverado. The upmarket trucks are sold at obscene profits. There's a price/profit curve on everything. Say you start a clothing company selling T-shirts with Tommy Hilldinger brand name, you could charge $10/shirt and sell 1000 shirts and make $10k. OR you could price the shirts at $100, sell 200, and make $20k, then feel free to clearance out or destroy the remaining 800 shirts. * The continued profit on the Ranger models in the US wasn't enough compared to the potential profit from some/most/but not all Ranger customers moving up to the F150. Ford probably said, screw the defectors, they'll be back, even if they're pushed into the used F150 market due to price. Plus there wasn't enough take on the 2.3L Manual Ranger to help hit the nut on Fuel Economy numbers! // =a.offsetWidth&&0>=a.offsetHeight)return!1;a=this. j(a);var;if(this.b.h asOwnProperty(c))return!1;this.b[c]=!0;return
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