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I worked in car rental for almost 8 years.* I worked in several offices in different parts of the country in various job titles.* At one point I was a*Fleet and Maintenance Manager.* I saw some fine things, and not so fine things (an Escalade had gone 28K before its first oil change-thats bad!).

Generally speaking smaller, more rural locations usually take better care of their cars than say, big locations like Boston.* I worked my last few years in the business in a smaller office where we were more organized, less busy (except in peak tourist season), and more apt to*maintain the vehicles.*

In general, airport locations cater to tourists and business rentals-yes, some beating of the cars occurs, although not as often as in town locations-not to single any one company out-but Enterprise-they specialize in insurance replacement rentals for when someone wrecks their own car.* Those renters are generally way harder on the vehicles from my experience.* Enterprise actually bought out the company I worked for (National/Alamo) and when we first started fleet sharing/integrating it was amazing just how beat up their cars were compared to ours.* Now they share fleet, but that does not matter.

As far as maintenance goes on a rental-the places change the oil and make sure the recalls are taken care of, and thats about it.* Unless an issue arises that needs to be fixed.* Is that any worse than the average person?* Guess you have to decide that for yourself.*

If it was me, based on my experience, I would buy a former rental car if it was the right one at the right price.*
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