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and will there be a market for it? There are a few one-off customs out there, but what would be the market for a F350/Ram3500/Silverado3500 "Family Cab?"*

Picture a LWB truck with a 5" bed and an elongated cab that has 4 full door can seat 7-9. Similar to the Ram Mega-cabs but maybe a foot or two more cab. Since prices on that sort of vehicle are in the 50k+ range, the margins should be pretty good.*

I see a few kinds of potential buyers -- Contractors who can use it to transport an entire crew in place of 2-3 trucks they may be using now. People who use a truck for work and personal use and have the need to transport larger numbers of people on occasion, or People who would probably otherwise buy an SUV to tow a boat, RV, Horses, Etc. and need the space and hauling capacity.

What do you all think? it wouldn't be terribly hard to do with the current platforms, and althougt it is a niche vehicle, it wouldn't require a lot of new design and tooling to pay for.
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