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The Ford Dealer I used to work at had a loaner car program composed of a near-perfect cross-section of 00-04 Ford Cars -- A couple end-of-run fleet white Escorts, a pair of early focus sedans. A couple Contours and a Mercury Mistake (Mystique,) three taurii representing a couple redesigns, and three panthers (a plain-jane white crown vic, a gorgeous crown vic special edition, and a MGM)

Despite being within the same age, miles, and abuse levels of the other cars, the panthers were far and away the most in-demand cars in the fleet, simply because they aged so much more gracefully and took the abuse much much better than the other cars. Plus they were rarely, if ever out of service for any reason, despite seeing more use.*

The panther platform may not be the safest, most efficient, or most up-to-date car on the road, but they are second to none for toughness and reliability.
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