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I really enjoy the Junkyard Finds column; it is what introduced me to the TTAC in the first place, and I enjoy every post.

It would be neat to see what the B&B are finding in the way of junked/abandoned cars as well; along with the finds in CA and CO.* Someone mentioned spotting a Chrysler Airflow in a junkyard, would love to see that, just as an example.

There is farm that butts up to my back fence.* For whatever reason, the farmer who owns it loves to collect old stuff on his property.* I have only seen one car removed; the rest just sit there and slowly rot away.

A couple of school buses, a Chevy van, a 1980s Cougar.* An old GM station wagon; and of course old pickup trucks.* An Opel as well; I don't want to know what it looks like inside that half rotted travel trailer.* A pair of massive old engines from a cotton gin are at least under a tin roof.

There is a field I drive past every day that has three old cars sitting in it.* One I recognized as an early Olds Toronado; the other two are from the 1930s.* After looking at them daily for several months now; I realized yesterday that the one in the middle may be a Chrysler Airflow.* Will look more closely in the next few days, and if that is the case, see if I can't take pictures of all three; I have read about the Airflow in books going back to my childhood; but this will be the first one I have seen in person; even if it just a carcasse.

Only problem is that while you can post pictures with this forum; they show up as thumbnails, and clicking on them does not enlarge them.* (I have tried with IE under Windows, I believe Chrome under Windows, and Safari on the iPhone; none work.)* That would have to be fixed first.
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