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86er said Remind me again why we gave a **** if Cadillac built a RWD flagship? Cadillac needs a flagship to be a credible luxury brand. It's what separates the BMWs and Lexuses from the Acuras and Lincolns of the world. Yes, Lexus moves the ES and GX around all day, but their reputation rests on the LS. And I think people would take the MKZ more seriously if there were a RWD Continental at the top of the line. Frankly, a big ass RWD sedan is the most credible Cadillac they'll have built in some time. sportyaccordy said This thing is a waste of time. People are barely buying Hyundai's half price flagships. If this thing is priced like the ATS/CTS nobody will buy it. An S-Class without the 3 pointed star is just a leather lined time bomb. They have to build that cachet up somehow. Short of just giving up and dying, what else should Cadillac do?
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