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I've owned a '99 CVLX for six months and I'm overall pretty happy. They're available very cheaply with reasonable mileage in pretty much any market, mileage is tolerable for what the car is (for me, 18 city 24 hwy typically) and it's been dead reliable. Currently running a 15k OCI, near 10k right now. The 4.6 is a very tough engine and the transmission seems to be bulletproof. Handling is surprisingly good, but I did upgrade the tired OEM shocks to KYB Gas-a-Just police spec, which makes a dramatic difference in killing any sense of float or wallow. To be honest, as numb as contemporary reviews found the steering, a Panther feels downright communicative compared to any electric steering vehicle I've driven. I could definitely make it handle even better with Addco swaybars and replacing the front end suspension. Unfortunately all 92+ Panthers have sealed-for-life joints and mine are clearly in need of lubricant. Interior wise I was lucky enough to find a cherry example so I have no real issue with mine. Less obviously fake wood would be a plus but it's a 15 year old car, y'know? The fact that it looks mint is solace enough. I do think the stock stereo and speakers sound pretty good.

That being said, knowing how NHTSA rates these cars and seeing Jack's accident, I'm not thrilled about these cars being relatively unsafe by current standards. If I could install extra airbags and a five-point harness I would.

All in all, not a bad car at all. It gets the job done comfortably, has a massive trunk and seating for 6 at a very cheap price.
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