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Just trying out the new forum with a little self-serving fun. Best click on out of here right now if you can't stand: 1. BMWs 2. Their drivers 3. Engine swap projects Otherwise, enjoy! NOTE: this content is a few years old What you're about to see is the culmination of my intent to drive an E30 indefinitely. The goal was a fast, tight daily-driver with modern drivetrain and reliability, but the clean lines of the classic BMW 3-series.* Synopsis 1991 BMW 318i 4-door (~156Kmiles) with low-mile 1999 M52B28 (~57K miles) and brand-new 2006 E46 M3 6-speed (~6K miles since install).*Georgia car, never any rust. OBD1 converted, S52 cams, Conforti CF intake with ITG Filter & 3.5” MAF, custom tune from Chuck Stickley. Fresh high-quality repaint in stock color. Very clean interior. The perfect daily-driver E30 (even has r134a-converted AC!), restored and upgraded by detail-oriented BMW enthusiasts. Complete, right down to the toolkit and owners manuals. Full Details Chassis * 1991 BMW 318i 4-door VIN # WBAAJ9310MEJ05704* Color: Diamantschwarz (Diamond Black) Metallic Manufactured by BMW GmbH Munich; in-service date 18 Oct. 1991 Engine & Related Swap Parts [*]1999 M52B28 (2.8L 2793cc)[*]S52 Cams (E36 M3)[*]21.5 lb injectors[*]M50 computer (red-label 413 ECU) - used 318 harness box connected to 325 wires, with OEM BMW connectors. NO EWS.[*]OBD1 converted: M50 manifold, OBDI throttle body, OBD1 wiring harness/ecu/sensors[*]S52 valve cover[*]3.5" 540i AFM (1994-1996 540, 740, 840 - BMW part # 1362-1747156)[*]Conforti carbon fiber intake with ITG filter and Samco 3.5” to 3” intake elbow from Bimmerworld (yes, the expensive one!)[*]Chuck Stickley (CSS Motorsports) custom tune for M52 w/ S52 cams, 21.5 lb injectors, 3.5” HFM and stock E36 exhaust. Arguably better than Jim C chips for 24V applications and makes more power. Rev limit is 7200 RPM[*]New NGK plugs[*]7-Series brake reservoir - sits above intake instead of under like 320i " provides better maintenance access (and to fuel lines too)[*]Brake reservoir adapters from an E21[*]325ix brake booster[*]E28 M5 engine mounts[*]M5 master cylinder[*]All new gaskets where parts for the swap were changed (i.e. the oil pan gasket and oil sump gasket for the e34 oil pan and sump)[*]Fully converted R134a A/C (ice cold), using AC compressor from M50; stock lines with redone ends[*]Always frequent oil changes, and always with conventional 5W30 oil from BMW: the VANOS units on the M52 were designed to use the conventional oil slight pastiness/buildup as lubricant (thus a full synthetic is not advised for this application). Talk to Dr. Vanos about this![*]New power steering lines, fresh power steering fluid and brake fluid[*]E30 M3 wiring loom cover[*]Sparco rep strut tower bar[*]High and low-speed cooling fan switch (automatic) " car runs in low to center of temp gauge even in traffic on 100-degree days[*]Power estimate: Here is an example dyno graph of an E30 with the exact same engine and mods as mine. READ: NOT MINE, so don't get bent out of shape. I have not had time to dyno mine yet. Note that peak power in this example is actually greater than a stock S52, but mid-range torque is obviously way down without the additional displacement. [/list]Transmission [*]New 2006 E46 M3 6-speed (S6S 420G)[*]This would cost over $3000 just by itself.[*]Connected with UUC fluid lines.[*]New stock E46 M3 clutch[/list]Notes
  1. The internals of this transmission are the same used in the 6-speed mkIV Supra - so it’s basically indestructible.
  2. This Getrag trans is the upgraded version of the e36 6-speed (as found in Euro cars). The syncro problems of the e36 were fixed to solve the miss-shift problems and early wear.
  3. Also, the 330i 6spd is a ZF. It’s a good tranny for the e46, with a little different gearing. They do not hold up to power very well, however. The M tranny is bullet proof but a little noisy. If you are installing the 6-speed in an e46, then both are ok under 300hp. Anything over 300hp and you’ll want to stay with the Getrag. If you go into any other car (e30, e36) the Getrag is also more desirable, because you can install it with all OEM parts. The ZF requires parts to be modified to make it work in E30/36 applications. Why care? Because this car is ready for forced induction!
Differential*[*]3.25 LSD, inside cover from 325is (318i chassis had small case diffs).[*]Fresh redline fluid in both transmission and diff.[*]This is an excellent gearing for the street. It pulls strong when you want to have fun, or you can put it in 6th gear on the highway and turn 2700RPM @ 70mph and see nearly 30MPG. Take that, sneering hybrid owners![/list]Gear Ratios / Speeds at RPM (Mechanical Only / No Air Drag Correction) Drivetrain[*]Front half: professionally shortened M3 driveshaft[*]Back half: 325 driveshaft[*]New centershaft, new guibo, new (2) U-joints.[/list]Suspension[*]Bilstein Sport shocks[*]E30 M3 springs with 66K miles as of install with odo reading 136,901[*]Stock sways[*]New front control arms, tie rod ends - car feels tight and doesn't make funny noises![/list]Brakes[*]Bought a whole kit from Jordan Sarette last fall, and just installed it with new front and rear OEM brake sensors and full fluid flush.[*]Calipers were completely disassembled, bead blasted, and powder coated. Bores and pistons were honed/polished and the calipers rebuilt with all new seals and guide bushings. Better than stock performance (fade free!) with much better looks and durability to boot.[/list](2) UUC Front slotted rotors (2) UUC Rear slotted rotors (4) Rebuilt powder coated calipers (4) Pair Hawk pads
Exhaust [*]Stock E36, including OBDII exhaust manifolds, factory cats & resonators through a Bosal aftermarket muffler with dual 2.5” tips.[*]Quality install " uses all factory mount points, heat shields in place, etc. - looks like it came on this car.[*]Sounds just like a stock S52 E36 M3 at full throttle*[/list]
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Interior [*]Full leather swap in Natur from a 325is (formerly had ratty gray cloth) in great shape with arm rest/ski pass-through rear.[*]New near-mint tan coupe sports (perforated leatherette) with forward angle capability. All adjustments work. Comfort leather seats are stored indoors.[*]New full set of tan BMW floor mats with BMW logo, and (4) soft black rubber mats on top of those.[*]New power sunroof: completely new sunroof cartridge, installed and drain tubes cleaned.[*]M-Tech II steering wheel.[*]Airbag car - has the padded under dash panel.[*]New rear seatbelts/anchors, torqued to factory spec. I occasionally need to put my 2 1/2 year-old in her seat in the back, and was not going to take any chances with safety. She loves "daddy's fun car, the Bimmer."*[*]UUC SSK, with all new bushings, plastic parts, etc. " and all OEM so in future can just use part numbers off the side of anything that wears out.[*]OEM BMW E46 ZHP/M 6-speed weighted short-shift knob with new boot[*]New (used) fully functional VDO “I” cluster with 7000RPM tach.[*]Maplight rearview mirror.[*]E36 window switch retrofit.[*]George Graves interior light delay with auto dimming.[*]Check panel and 13 button OBC (fully functional).[*]Sony CD head unit. MB-Quart separates front and back. Using OEM front door mirror corner tweeter enclosures.[*]Extra fog lamp switch wired to garage door opener (behind switchplate on top of head unit DIN chassis) in dash next to hazard switch. I'll leave the switch in place so you can do the same if desired.[*]Dynamat installed in front doors, backs didn’t need it. OEM carpet. Trunk noise-reducing tar did not come on the 318, so the car is nice and light but could be a bit quieter.[*]Clean, complete toolkit, jack, full-size spare (on bottlecap), etc.[/list]Exterior Details[*]Recent high-quality repaint in original color (Diamondschwarz Metallic): bumpers off, door jambs painted w/ original VIN tags taped.[*]DOT-4 OEM BMW passenger quarter panel (no sign of reason/no damage when inspected for repaint). All other VINs match.[*]Rust-free (always been - GA car).[*]New M3 windshield (mounts flush unlike base E30 one, and has more aerodynamic curved shape) and gasket/seal.[*]New OEM E30 M3 Evo flush hood seals.[*]Shadowlined.[*]Have the pictured black kidneys (standard SEM trim paint), but I tired of the look and put chrome back on. Choose whichever you want.[*]Euro trim front and back (deletes all side markers).[*]Rims: 17” x 7” Racing Hart C4 Style Reps (4X100X114.3 Offset: 40mm Center bore: 72mm) " hubcentric, direct fitment with no spacers required![*]Tires: brand-new 215 40R17 Falken Ziex " sticky and they clear with no rubbing ever, even at full lock. Tires just went on this week, and come with roadhazard certificates good nationwide. Discount Tire even states that if there is no store near you, you can buy a replacement tire from someone else and they will reimburse you![*]Euro smileys (yes, flush glass).[*]Euro license plate filler.[*]Fogged turn signal lights. Also have Abraham Motorsports turn signal lights/inserts (new in box/not installed).[*]Installed HIDs and hated them so they are out and now has four SilverStar halogens which look & function great.[*]Clear Lamin-X: 20mil on headlights and high beams, 40mil on fogs.[*]OEM fog glass (instead of replacement plastic ones) with new seals and brackets. Drivers side has a crack that has never leaked, even before the Lamin-X install.[*]New taillights (enclosures). Not a fan of all-red tails, so these are stock.[*]E46 decklid spoiler[*]EJ-05704 and 24V E30 euro plates do not come with the car (sentimental value).[/list]Recent Maintenance[*]New Fuel pump, fuel level sending unit and fuel filter, August 2008.[*]New radiator, expansion tank, thermostat and BMW coolant, January 2009.[*]New, upgraded brakes (see above) all the way 'round, with new front and rear OEM BMW sensors and full fluid flush, April 2009.[*]New left front bearing/hub pack went on with the new brakes. Old one was starting to drag a bit, so why not do it while in there? These carry a warranty.[*]New tires all the way around, with accompanying roadhazard certificates, April 2009.[/list]Known Issues[*]No cruise control: stalk there, but wire is not connected under dash and would need to scrounge up the motor.[*]Sport seats need new shocks (height/back angle) " originals are present and functional but worn out. Not expensive to do at all - just haven't had time.[*]Drivers-side rear window is stuck closed. I think it is the switch, but haven't diagnosed it yet. I plan to fix before sale if time permits.[*]Even though all relevant sensors and sending units were replaced at swap time, there are still a couple of intermittent false positives (verifiable) on the check panel. I plan to have this addressed before sale also - mentioning here for full disclosure and no surprises if anyone sees the car before I get to it.[*]That's it![/list]On to the rest of the pics! Note: Car is now sitting on low-mile E30 M3 springs (see later pics), but comes with the lowering springs that were on in the first photos if buyer wants them. Note: car now has Conforti CF intake (not pictured) - E36 airbox, filter, etc included if buyer wants them.
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Now that is a phenomenal E30. I tip my hat to you good sir.

I'm experimenting with spring rates right now on my 318is, what were your impressions in respect to the M3 springs vs. lowering springs? Also, which lowering springs? H&R?
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tedward said Now that is a phenomenal E30. I tip my hat to you good sir. I'm experimenting with spring rates right now on my 318is, what were your impressions in respect to the M3 springs vs. lowering springs? Also, which lowering springs? H&R? Thanks! I really enjoyed that car, and thankfully I worked out my need to build an E30 with it. Now I can let other people enjoy them as they go up in price, without feeling the need to buy another. In terms of the springs, the lowering springs were*Intrax Super Sports (202005), which I believe are FR*211/RR 285. I hated them. They looked great but I did not have enough camber with 17" rims to overcome Michigan pavement. The M3 springs were a nice compromise for me. If I had it to do again, I would honestly just go with the Bilstein shock/H&R springs combo from Spec*E30: H&R Race Spring Kit Lowering Springs -*Part #: 50404.88* This sets lowers the front end approx. 1.6" and the rear end approx. 1.5"* BMW Shock Absorber Rear (E30) - Bilstein Sport B36-2027 BMW Shock Absorber insert Front (E30) -*Bilstein Sport 36-0335*
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tedward said Now that is a phenomenal E30. I tip my hat to you good sir. I'm experimenting with spring rates right now on my 318is, what were your impressions in respect to the M3 springs vs. lowering springs? Also, which lowering springs? H&R? That's my old car. *I built that car in 2007. *Sold it to M3 eater. Was a nice car to drive. *
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