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Hummer said why is a truck being used for work a prerequisite of buying a truck to you? Theyre much better people/family movers then any sedan offered today, sales prove it. * Since when are trucks luxury items, I can buy a new truck today for the price of a new Camry, problem is no one offers a car that appeals to the 1+m truck buyers every year. * I was only trying to be a smart~~~ about your rediculous desire to see people forced into crap they don't want as a result of your complications which these people. I don't see the need to tax or subsidize and to override the free market system creating winners and losers to support your fantasies or anyone else's for that matter. CAFE does just this, people want a product, which isnt produced as a result of said regulations, therefore they are limited to buying trucks.* * 1. It's not. The exemptions and classifications of CAFE are made on the presumption that large BOF vehicles will be used for work. Ergo, the fuel economy requirements for large trucks are not as strict as they could be. Creating an artificial penalty for large cars that could serve the same purpose if classified in the same manner. I was simply pointing out that if the purpose was to give breaks to those who supposedly NEED trucks for work, you simply give exemptions to those who use them for work (as it is, you can claim a vehicle as a tax deduction for business, anyway). IF you implement a tax that is supposed to curb oil imports, CAFE's ridiculous tiered system with its artificial classes (which is either slightly more ridiculous or slightly less ridiculous than what other governments are using, depending on who you ask) isn't the best way to do it. A direct tax on oil imports is. 2. Thanks to tax structures.* 3. I don't actually care what people buy with their own money. If a housewife wants a 5,000 pound SUV, that's none of my beeswax. I pretty much want the same thing you seem to want... have taxes done fairly, remove any artificial barriers or tarriffs that favor one vehicular body style or powertrain over another regardless of efficiency, and let the buyers decide with their wallets.
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