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The Heisenberg Cartel said @burgersandbeer sorry, brainfarted, it is the 5MT. Is that all **** that broke or is some of it time-changes and/or pre-emptive (besides the tires, brakes and software) The control arms were preventive, and somewhat of a mod as I used the zhp control arms with the beefier ball joints. Even buying online, this was somewhat spendy and if I knew what I was in for with the rest of the car, I wouldn't have done it. The fuel pump might have been unnecessary. Symptoms were hard starts and misfires on starting. Fuel pumps do fail on these cars, so that is what the indy recommended. I wonder if it was just a combination of the starter failing and the old software. That one bothers me. The starter eventually died; car had to be towed home from work. I should have seen it coming, since the previous few starts were rough. The differential bushings and driveshaft rebuild was to address a lot of clunking under the car during shifting between 1-2 and sometimes 2-3 and shifting weight using throttle, even at parking lot speeds. I guess you could say it all broke. Didn't leave me stranded or anything, but it wore out. Intake adjuster was busted. If it fails completely a piece of it can get sucked into the intake, so that couldn't be ignored. Valve cover and oil filter housing gaskets are common failures after 100k miles, especially the valve cover gasket.
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