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I'm not talking about compact trucks but rather midsize standard cab shortbed most definately killed by the new rules.

why is a truck being used for work a prerequisite of buying a truck to you? Theyre much better people/family movers then any sedan offered today, sales prove it.

Since when are trucks luxury items, I can buy a new truck today for the price of a new Camry, problem is no one offers a car that appeals to the 1+m truck buyers every year.

I was only trying to be a smart~~~ about your rediculous desire to see people forced into crap they don't want as a result of your complications which these people. I don't see the need to tax or subsidize and to override the free market system creating winners and losers to support your fantasies or anyone else's for that matter. CAFE does just this, people want a product, which isnt produced as a result of said regulations, therefore they are limited to buying trucks.*
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