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LTS?* Oh lordy, what does that stand for?* Long Touring Sedan? * Remind me again why we gave a **** if Cadillac built a RWD flagship?* Everything looks the same as every other OEM. And, they'll probably ruin it with a twin-turbo V6 and call it a day because they're scared shitless they'll sell a few too many copies and run afoul of CAFE. There, now that I've vented my spleen, I'll salute GM for finally getting with the, er, program. GMs old anti-gas guzzler policies (back in the 80s) kept us from having decent Cadillacs. In fact I would argue it ruined the brand in a bigger way than the cheapening of the interiors. At least in the late 70s early 80s buying a Cadillac was a good way to get a big block sedan when the lower priced brands stopped building them.
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