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rileyru said Have a few questions: 1. If my wife wants to sign up as well, is it possible for us to "share" the car (one of us in the car while one is in class, or both of usĀ*in class and then take turns on the track) - or are all the beginners on theĀ*track and in class at the same time? 2. Any experience with the HPDE event insurance? Seems like a reasonable cost. Does it have good coverage, does it pay out when needed, is it even recommended? How does it work. 3. Any helmet recommendations? Try to borrow/rent, or go ahead and buy? Does a $200 helmet offer the same protection as an $800 helmet? Given the fact that I've done ONE event my advice isn't worth much, but I'll throw it out anyway. 1) Awesome that your wife wants to go! I would ask the organizers. At my event they split people into 3 groups based on experience, thus all the beginners were on track at once. So to share a car you would each get half the number of sessions. The real question: is the entry fee per car or per person? 2) I haven't looked into insurance, while collecting a wall is possible they do everything to ensure the worst case is nothing more then spin in the grass/gravel. As you advance and get to run solo (no instructor) then maybe insurance becomes an issue. 3) For my first event I was able to borrow a helmet from my instructor and rentals were available. Since I plan on doing this several more times I just bought one. Seemed like a small price to pay to not put someone's sweat on my head. A buddy of mine is motorcycle dude with three bikes, goes on organized rides, etc, etc. He told me to get an HJC from for $75. Sure its not an $800 Aria but it is SNELL and DOT certified. Thus its "safe enough"... whatever that means. Honestly I think its more of CYA for the organization. Do you drive with a helmet everyday? No, you've got airbags. How much faster will you be going at HPDE? My top speed was only 100 MPH due to track layout. I drive 80 on the highway surrounded by total idiots, driving complete rust buckets on bald tires, while texting their crack dealer and sucking down Red Bulls. So "safe" is a relative term.
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