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We have a 01' Jetta with 240k miles on it. She bought it slightly used some years before she met me.

It was a great car.... at first. Then the electrical issues started to come about, then some stuff with the vehicle emissions and check engine light. Things started to get expensive, so what she do? Bought the manual and started to try to fix things herself. Then I came along, and fixing things is what I do, so guess who got to work on it now? I've had plenty apart on that car. Upper end of the engine, front knuckles/suspension.

VW cheaps out on the stuff you DON'T see. Like plastic water pumps, thermostat housings, cheap ignition modules that crack and let in water, etc. Then there is the interior, which has been falling apart over the past few years. Glove box door, sun-roof mechanism cover, air bag cover, etc. The paint started peeling off, badly, several years ago. Lately I noticed the wires disintegrating.......

On one hand, yeah, it still runs down the road nearly as 1/4million miles later. BUT, it took a lot to get it there. A few years ago we got her a 2012 Mustang and never even considered a VW product. At this point I drive the car back and forth everyday to work, while it falls apart all around me. We've given up at this point and driving it till it explodes.

Amazing, the only people I ever hear of liking VW products are the kind of people who generally don't keep a car more then 50kmiles, and surely not 100kmiles. I haven't met anybody in the automotive field that works on cars, be it body work, mechanic work, or being just a mechanic themselves and having owned one themselves, say anything nice about these cars. Last time I was in training I was going back and forth with a fellow who owned a mid 00's Audi about how much crap has broken on our VW products, and how awful they were in general.
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