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Ringer, yes I am now planning on TrackDaze because of the TTAC presence and they seem pretty equal otherwise. Looking forward to meeting you and having Jack as an instructor.

I don't plan¬*on going crazy with "upgrades" -¬*since it needs brake pads anyway I'm just taking advice above and changing fluid, and¬*may as well change the lines at that time.¬*Don't plan anything else. The car is good for an 06, only has 50k miles. The dealer does oil changes, and¬*I do everything else they recommend (well except for fuel induction system service- that appears to be b/s!) I've done the power steering fluid service, new fuel filter, changed and upgraded the transmission fluid, etc. Car drives great!

I know I will be the weak link more so than any part of the car! As far as the "general tips" above, I think maybe some of my bicycle racing experience may be relevant as far as picking a good line / apexing a turn, braking before the turn, watching for faster riders and staying out of their way / allowing them to pass, how to change a corner line if needed due to traffic, etc... However I am fully aware that I have little to no experience of handling a car on track,¬*feeling for the tire grip, rules of track¬*and flags,¬*and all that. That's why I need the beginner HPDE!

Have a few questions:

1. If my wife wants to sign up as well, is it possible for us to "share" the car (one of us in the car while one is in class, or both of us¬*in class and then take turns on the track) - or are all the beginners on the¬*track and in class at the same time?

2. Any experience with the HPDE event insurance? Seems like a reasonable cost. Does it have good coverage, does it pay out when needed, is it even recommended? How does it work.

3. Any helmet recommendations? Try to borrow/rent, or go ahead and buy? Does a $200 helmet offer the same protection as an $800 helmet?
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