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rileyru said It needs brake pads so I might go ahead and upgrade the pads, rotors, lines and fluid. Yep stainless steel brake hoses are an easy and (relatively) cheap upgrade. I just did mine - and the pedal is very firm, hopefully the new fluid will keep it that way throughout my sessions this weekend. Having a Mustang I'm sure you've got plenty of forums to dig up advice on what others recommend as good upgrades. Don't go crazy, its mostly about learning and feeling things out. Having the "best" anything does help until you learn the track and how to drive it. Gotta say to Jack and the other instructors - talk about balls of steel. To get into someone else's car, which appears to be working (mostly) and who may (or may not) think he is "The Stig" is completely nuts. I found it entertaining when my instructor told me to driver faster! I was lifting out of pure fear. The weak link is clearly the nut behind the wheel. The most refreshing part was the mutual respect I saw. Everyone was nice and friendly (minus one azz hat in a red Audi... but there is always one right?). I was running with guys owning cars that cost as much as my house (there was a Mclaren on track) and they were not jerks at all.
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