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In these days when many baby boomers are considering their maybe last car in life, where the most important feature is the ease of getting your stiffening body in and out of the front seats, you will also be offered a long list of electronic gadgets guaranteeing that your first trip with your new car will not be your last. And if answering your cell phone doesn’t distract you enough, you will also get a large iPad-type screen well out of your normal sightline when driving; making the auto brake features a necessity, if not for yourself, for others.

But not long ago you was driving very simple cars with very worn tires, and after the first late autumn snowfall you couldn’t resist trying some nice controlled drifting in EVERY road bend, mastering it in the late winter, to your girlfriend’s annoyance. Remember?

That time, you had a future and some very good reasons for staying alive, but those days are gone. Still, somewhere deep in your backbone, the ability to do it again is saved for future use.

Once in northern Finland, I was the passenger in a 25 mile cab ride in a dark and very cold winter night. The road surface was only polished ice and could easily have been fit for a skating race; no salt, no sand. But the Mercedes driver really mastered this road surface, not very fast but very safe. I don’t think he ever turned the steering wheel more than a quarter of a turn; most of the steering was done with the accelerator pedal.

Now, this was car driving! Disclaimer: don’t try this at home if you’ve only experienced front wheel or all wheels driven cars with Spin Control and ABS brakes; it couldn’t be done with any amount of control.

Next, cars will be self steering. You can watch the late show in your own back seat.

My question to the TTAC crowd is: is there in market a no frills modern car, really fun to drive, with old fashioned tactile controls and meters, no electronic gadgets, only very good suspension and road holding, a nice powerful engine, robust and reliable, and with comfortable seats for a wide-assed retired old fashioned car lover. I don’t even care for car audio, any engine sounds better than today’s music. I will use it for fast trips along country roads when I’m fed up with everything else.
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