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This is going to be fun.

1970 Pontiac Bonneville - 360HP 455 4v, but so much weight it hardly mattered. *Every part on the car broke..twice!

1980 Datsun 310GX - I knew after driving this car for a while that the domestics were in trouble. *One of the lowest rated Japanese cars at the time, it still ran good and had no issues, something you NEVER saw with a 1980 domestic product.

1983 Subaru DL Station Wagon. *Loved it. *All of the smog equipment removed. *After the Datsun, the Subaru felt like a race car. *The metal on this car was considerably thicker than found on my 70 Bonny.

1989 Chevy S-10 with 2.8L V6 and 5spd manual. *2000RPM at 70MPH, couldn't run the interstate in 5th gear if the wind was blowing against it or it was raining. *Terrible truck all the way around. *Gutless, handled terribly. *Junk

1984 Toyota Van 5spd manual. *Easily the most unique and one of the most fun vehicles I ever owned. *Dorky, silly, slow, quirky, but so insanely cool. *Oh, and it had a 3500Lb towing package on it and it would tow 3500lbs easier than the S-10 would tow 500lbs.

1993 Dodge Spirit 2.5/auto. *As reliable as the sunrise, around 30MPG at 70MPH, comfortable, and did I mention it was bulletproof?

1993 Ford Festiva. *Wife's car when she met me. *The previous owner didn't keep it serviced so it ate oil. *Drive it like ya stole it and still get over 40MPG. God help you if you hit anything larger than a horsefly though.

1997 Ford Taurus. *Good car with a self destructing drivetrain.

1995 Honda del Sol. *Fun fun FUN car, very unique.. not many things better than a 70 degree evening with the top off and the windows down.

2003 Honda CR-V. *Ideal exhibit for what happens when you let the bean counters get involved in engineering and design. Unreliable for a domestic car, but throw in the Honda badge and it's inexcusable. *It being built in the UK only added to the tarnish. *Got more hood chips in the first 500 miles prior to bug shield installation than my 2000 has gotten in 170K miles.

------------CURRENT FLEET------------

2002 Ford Ranger. *Stripper except for the A/C. *Paid 9300 out the door for it new. *If it blows up tomorrow, I more than got my money out of it. *Rubber seat and floor, but easy to go all "Fred Sanford" when making a land fill run.

2000 Honda CR-V *EX 4wd 5spd *Doesn't do anything as well as the 2003 on paper and yet in every way is so much better than the 2nd generation CR-V. *it's kinda cool to drive a non VTEC Honda and having to keep it in the sweet spot to get power.

2012 Mazda5. *How this vehicle sells under 20K units a year is beyond me. * Minivans aren't mini and most of the room is wasted in most driving and use. *Meanwhile, the Mazda5 drives like a Miata with seating for six. *The 2.5 pull well and the car handles like it's on rails. *One of the few modern automatics that actually drives in a way that I don't notice, picking the right gear, holding the gear and shifting when appropriate. *Yes, modern Hondas get better MPG (the 5 is still not Skyactive) but it never lets you forget it's trying to save gas at the expense of drivability.
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