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I'm a 53 year old who tends to buy cars new (except when I lived outside USA), and tries to keep them for a long time.

74 'Dodge' (Mitsubishi) Colt-- 4 speed stick. Hand me down from my older sister.

'76 Toyota Celica GT (notchback)-- 5 speed stick. *The first car I chose for myself; bought it new in '76.

'83 Subaru GL wagon-- 4wd, 5 speed stick. *Also bought it new, lent it out to my sister when I left the country to spend a few years in Kenya, where I first borrowed a friend's... *It was slow but unbreakable and got through lots of bad weather and soft-roading without a hitch.

'78? Lada Niva-- 3 door, 4WD, 4 speed stick. *This shotgun marriage of Fiat and Soviet automotive talents proved to me that "indestructible POS" isn't an oxymoron. *I named it Leonid (in honor of Brezhnev) because every time you jabbed the brakes it lurched to the left. *After a few months with it I bought myself a...

'69 Toyota FJ two-door Landcruiser -- three speed manual, in-line 6. *Prior owner had cut off the roof and put on a roll cage and soft top. *Paid $5200 for it in '87, sold it for $5100 in '89 when leaving Kenya, but had to rebuild the engine in the meantime.

'92 Saab 900 three door-- 5 speed stick. *Loved this car. *Bought it new

'00 Saab 9-3 five door. *5 speed stick. *Fell completely out of love with Saab over this one, though it was objectively better in most measurable ways and gave me no major problems. *Bought it new.

'00 Toyota Prius. *My wife chose this and I bought it; it was one of the first hundred or so in Los Angeles. *At the time you had to order them from Toyota of America, so that dealers couldn't mark them up. *People would walk past Ferrari's to gawk at it and ask her questions. *We still have it. *Toyota warranted the **** out of the early ones, so she was able to replace the battery pack for free in '09, (they even gave her a free loaner for a week).

'12 VW Golf TDI four door-- 6 speed stick. *Bought it new, to replace the unloved 9-3. *Am in love again.
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