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I have a 2004 330i with the 6 speed manual transmission, but unfortunately without the ZHP package or heated seats. Bought at 70k miles, now has 103k miles.

Here's what I've done to it in addition to normal fluid and filter changes:

- New water pump, hoses, and coolant overflow tank (common E46 failure point, did them preemptively after I bought my car)

- New tires (Continental DWS)

- New brakes

- New starter (current one wasn't giving problems but decided to replace pre-emptively after 90k miles on original)

- New fuel pump (again, replaced preemptively)

- New manual mirror to replace auto dimming mirror that melted internally after sitting in a 100 degree day in eastern Washington state). That's been my only "WTF, BMW" moment to date.

I will say that my car hasn't had any problems with window regulators, is on its original clutch, and has fewer rattles (read: virtually none)than my wife's 2012 Mini.
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