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My girlfriend inherieted this sweet 1941 Graham Hollywood from her grandpa.* He bought it in 1943.* This little known car is based on the body of the Cord 810, except it has a different nose, headlights, and is RWD.* It was available with a supercharged inline 6, but this one doesn't have the supercharger. It hasn't been started in 2 years and I told her they need to be driven now and then.* We drained the gas, changed the oil and coolant, sprayed some penetrating oil into each cylinder and turned it over a few times, charged the Optima battery, and filled the carb bowl and it started right up.* Here's a video of the first start! I'm not sure why it died, but we couldn't get it to restart even after refilling the carb.* Fouled plugs?* It has an aux electric fuel pump, but neither it or the mechanical pump seems to be moving gas.* I think I'll disconnect the lines from the pumps and carb and blow air through them, and test the electric pump with a little bottle of fuel on a short hose.* It's possible the carb float is stuck in the up position, not allowing any fluid to flow.* The throat of the carb looks nice and clean inside.* Any ideas? Once we get the fuel issue solved it should be a driver, so not really much of a "project car".* Cool photos to come once she sees daylight.
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