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How do you have a 6MT on a '99 323i? Is that a typo or was the 5-speed replaced at some point? I have an '03 330i. Has 116k, 13k are mine. This was actually a one-owner car with records. Body and paint are excellent except for a small ding on the rear bumper cover. Interior is excellent as well. Mechanically, you should be sitting for the list of things I have done to it in this mileage span. Certainly some items on the list are routine maintenance for any car, but most of it has not. In no particular order:[*]4 tires[*]rear pads and rotors[*]control arm bushings[*]control arms[*]differential bushings[*]driveshaft rebuild (CV joint, flex joint, center support)[*]Fuel pump and filter[*]Starter[*]Software update[*]Intake adjuster (DISA)[*]LF window regulator[*]O2 sensors[*]Valve cover gasket and oil filter housing gasket[*]spark plug and ignition coil (chasing a misfire that was finally fixed with software)[/list]It now has this ridiculous high-pitched noise at exactly 38 mph when the car is cold. It is mostly indifferent to whether it is in gear or not, whether the clutch is engaged or not, and whether the throttle is opened or closed. It is most noticeable coasting in gear though. Additionally, if I decide to keep the car and finish the rehab, I will want new dampers. Oh, it's also turned into a rattle factory in the short time I've owned it. I swear I dodge every pothole and bump that I can.
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