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Age 43 here for reference... I've included my wife's cars too because technically I "owed" them, sort of. I tend to buy used and keep my vehicles around for awhile.

1983 Ford Mustang GLX - my first car stolen within 8 months, didn't miss it at all, inline 6 = not fast, boring.

1985 Honda Civic S (1500) Hatchback - loved it, drove to over 160K miles, wish I still had it!

1988 Chevy Caviler - wife's first car (only dating at the time), major POS, wrecked

1993 Honda Civic EX Sedan - wife's second car, never a problem, weak torque, good mileage and handling

1989 Honda Prelude Si - best handling car I ever owned, awesome dash and seats, low on torque and weak brakes however

1996 Iszuz Rodeo - big mistake, sold within 9 months, lesson learned: SUVs suck! bad mileage and handling, not much room behind the seats either

1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T - leased this one, very quick turbo, loved the woosh from the boosted engine, leather was 2nd rate stuff

1996 Ford Ranger Splash Extra Cab - bought to tow my boat but the V6 couldn't hack it, kept breaking down

2000 VW Passat 1.8T - wife's third car, nice when new then fell apart (literally, pieces of the interior just dropped off!), typical VeeDub electrical gremlins

2002 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab - my current truck, pushing 100K miles and runs (and looks) like new, no complaints

2008 Volvo C30 - wife's current car, sexy, sporty, perfect grocery getter

2003 Nissan 350Z - my current car, throaty engine, tons of grip, modern remake of the classic Z car… just a touch heavy. Ride is rough.
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