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I ran an HPDE @ Homestead, Miami a few months back with my 350Z and will be doing another one this weekend. Every group / club has different rules but here are the basics:

1) You'll need a helmet, so if you don't own one make sure rentals are available.

2) Switch out your brake fluid. You'll need DOT4, Motul or Castrol SRF is what everyone recommends. This is no joke... you WILL BOIL the stock fluid, the pedal will get soft. Once this happens your done, the fluid will not "recover" and your day is over. Going fast is easy, stopping is the hard part.

3) My first group required long sleeve shirts and long pants. You will be driving with your windows down.

4) Bring an extra shirt, you'll be driving hard and sweating. Bring some snacks and drinks - but NO alcohol at all!

5) Do NOT set your emergency / parking brake after your run. The rotors & pads will be too hot.

6) Obvious, but make sure you car is good condition - with enough tire tread and brake pad / rotors up to spec. There will be a tech inspection, get the form ahead of time and review it. Small things like not having a battery tie down could ruin your day.

7) Clean your car inside and out, you will have an instructor riding along with you. Remove any lose or extra objects like floor mats. Anything that is not bolted down must go! The interior should be free of any and all trash, this includes silly things like air freshers, aftermarket cup holders, etc.

8) Get a full tank of gas beforehand, your mileage will be laughable (I got 9 mpg, when I normally get between 18-24).

9) General tips: brake only in a straight line, brake hard and firm, don't pump the brakes, let the ABS do its job if necessary. Slow in - fast out. Stay on the racing line and only wave others by in passing zones. They will go over this stuff (and more like flags and pit rules) in the drivers meeting - pay attention!

10) Communicate with your instructor, ask for feedback and make sure you understand what is required.

11) If you have an iPhone or Android device plus a good mount consider this:
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