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Default Warranty claims #


Has anyone had similar problems as we have had with ECP & BTN Turbos. We had a turbo supplied to us by ECP which they got from BTN Turbo's which comes with a 2 year warranty.

We fitted it to a vw transporter 2.5 TDI it was on there for 14 months and had done 14000 miles when it was towed in to us. We checked it out and found that the main shaft had snapped and had dumped all the engine oil into the exhaust.

We had to purchase another Turbo from ECP and send the damaged one back with a warranty form. They have sent it back to us with a report from BTN saying it had been starved of oil, i contacted them saying if it was due to oil starvation how come exhaust was full of oil as only way it can get there is through the Turbo?

We have fitted another one and it is fine. This has cost us a lot of money and time which ECP & btn Turbo's do not want to Help. We are trying to find another Turbo company to look at the damaged one and give a report.

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