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Love to see a look at enthusiast drivers who have tried insurance trackers.

I'm curious if anyone else on here has tried out the insurance tracker route. I'm on Mobiliz, a Quebec company that targets young drivers. I've had one speeding ticket in Canada, so not a high risk guy, I'm also in my mid thirties. But my insurance has been high because A: I drive that SRT4 Caliber and B: My insurance was cancelled while I was on a three month work trip abroad (oops).

Normal insurance policies wanted a year in advance, and about $1800 for two-way coverage. Mobiliz offers two-way with a $200 deductible for about $800 a year, and it's month-by-month.

The tracker was free to install, and deducts for hard braking, hard acceleration, driving 18kph over the speed limit, and charges per kilometer driven. Right now with about 300-400 kilometers per month average and no infractions my monthly bill is under fifty bucks.

When I got my brakes installed last week my mechanic bedded them in and I got a nasty notice in my email inbox - $10 fine per minute of "extreme speeding" (he was going 94 in a 50 zone) and my driving was labelled unsafe, an additional 40% per month (versus the usual -25% for my "exceptional"). They removed this after talking with customer service and explaining the car was under the care of a mechanic.

Unlike the US options this one does the full GPS tracking thing, which I think most folks on here would find invasive. The big change for me is that I no longer gun it on on-ramps.

It's been interesting. The money saved is good, but unless you have a seriously bad driving record (or no driving record) I'd say pay the extra and get a less invasive insurance program.
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