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Default What does the Check Engine Light Mean?

Automobiles made today are a marvel of design and they are engineered precisely. From engine control to seats the design team spends hours perfecting the design. The same applies to the computer control system the team aims for perfection in this too.
In short the car has become a network of computers working together. This network controls everything in the car from dashboard indicators to engine control. The engine control module is the most important of the network as it controls the core functions of the engine.
The engine control module (ECM) monitors the engine performance and indicates any problem with the engine. It also monitors the emissions parameters and other peripherals not directly involved with the engine performance.
When the check engine light (CEL) comes on it means there is a failure or repair in some part of the monitored functions. The major concern when the check engine light comes on is whether we can drive the car or not. You can drive your car, but get the repair fixed as soon as possible. The more you delay the repairs, more is the possibility of some major repair happening with the engine. Also the procrastination may lead to multiple failures other as a result of one fault leading to another fault and causing a chain of failures.
When the check engine light (CEL) is flashing it means there is a major failure and you need to repair the vehicle right away. The flashing light comes on only when there is a major failure. This does not occur (the flashing CEL light) for small things and it means that you have to have the repair corrected right away. It not corrected right away it may lead to some expensive failure or the car may not be in a drivable condition.
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