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I know I shouldn't do it in theory, but there's a reason for that.

My car, 2008 IS250 RWD with 225/40-18 front and 255/40-18 rear, has a suspension and alignment design issue that will wear out the inner shoulder of the front tires very quickly. The OEM tires usually last only about 20k miles and the aftermarket around 30k miles. I was told it is the toe and ackerman and I've already asked a speed shot to do a 0 degree toe alignment instead of the original factory spec's toe out.

It helped a bit, but it still wear out at around 30k miles with the 1" of trend around inner shoulder worn about 3/32" more than the rest of the tire. This cuts down the realistic life of the tire to about 2/3 of what it could have been.

So I'm planning to flip the already mounted tire (Kumho LX Platinum) inside out and use for 10k more miles. The car is daily driven on highway, and usually the traffic slow down so much we don't drive high speed when it rains. Yes, I can get another tire that is symmetrical or directional instead, but all long wearing tires I've seen are asymmetric, so that's not gonna help. I know some small mom and pop shops will do it if you pay them cash and never want any paperwork, so I'm going to these places instead of the franchise tire stores.

Any major warning?
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