Uncle Topolino: Fiat 500e to North America in 2024

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
uncle topolino fiat 500e to north america in 2024

If you’re in the market for a pint-sized electric car with a dose of Italian flair, Fiat – yes, you remember them – will have an option for you a couple of years from now.

After using the New York Auto Show to display a brace of 500e models which were crafted in partnership with Italian design houses, Fiat took an opportunity at this week’s Auto Show in Los Angeles to announce the 500e is officially coming to our shores. It won’t be here until 2024, with the North American spec car appearing at next year’s show in L.A. Product planning in a global economy is a heckuva thing.

Nevertheless, the little all-electric scamp is apparently indeed on its way across the pond. The 500e has been zipping around Europe for some time already where it is offered with one of two different battery packs, neither of which seems big enough for North American tastes. The larger option packs just 42 kWh and is apparently good for a hair under 200 miles of all-electric range, though it is worth noting that figure is based on the endlessly optimistic WLTP test procedures.

Power checks in at 118 ponies and 162 lb.-ft of twist, plenty for a machine of this size and mission. Like the car’s battery size and driving range, Fiat has yet to confirm if the Euro-spec drivetrain will be carted to North America from Bel Paese. We’re still a year away from the thing even showing up on an auto show turntable in the U.S., let alone in dealer showrooms.

All the same, this 12+ month lead time tells us that suits at Stellantis must be planning to keep the Fiat brand around – at least for the foreseeable future. While last year was certainly a strange one in terms of car sales, it needs to be said that the Fiat brand sold just 2,374 units during the entire annum, down 45 percent from its numbers in an equally weird 2020 and worlds away from the 15,521 it sold in all of 2018 or the 43,772 during 2012 which was its first full year back in America.

[Images: Fiat]

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  • RHD RHD on Nov 19, 2022

    The power numbers for the engine are less than the Hyper 9 motor used for electric car conversions. Hmmm... I'd rather have the electric Honda retro-Civic. It has more personality.

  • Tassos Tassos 3 days ago

    Yes, I would be interested in a pint-sized BEV

    IF it came with a Pint-sized PRICE as well,

    AND did not bear the logo commonly thought to mean


  • IH_Fever EV charger on a GM lot, probably with a Cummins generator to keep them running. A regular melting pot haha
  • Tassos Wake me up when VW (or any other loser "Legacy" automaker comes up with a "BETTER TESLA" BEV AT THE SAME PRICE. SO far, VW has FAILED MISERABLY AND LOST BILLIONS DOING IT. Its models are way underwhelming and inferior, and cost not much less than the model 3. ANd DESPITE the SCANDALOUS $7,500 tax credit, which is an INVERSE ROBIN HOOD, takes from the average household and gives it to the average BEV buying family, which has an income of $170k+, VW STILL FAILED.ALso notice the so-called "Mobility Officers" at FORD AND Renault QUIT. another HUGE SCAM, Autonomous Vehicles, they wasted 100s of billions (all idiot legacy makers together) and predicted billions of profits, but so far they DROWN IN A SEA OF RED INK with NOTHING to show for it. Morons will be morons, and the ones in this forum will cheer for their failures "AWESOME, WV, Indeed"! LOL!!!
  • Jwee More range and faster charging cannot be good news for the heavily indebted and distracted Musk.Tesla China is discounting their cars. Apart from the Model 3, no one is much buying Tesla's here in Europe. Other groups have already passed Tesla in Europe, where it was once dominant.Among manufacturers, 2021 EV sales:VW Group 25%, Stellantis at 14.5%,Tesla at 13.9%Hyundai-Kia at 11.2% Renault Group at 10.3%. Just 2 years ago, Tesla had a commanding 31.1% share of the European EV marketOuch. https://carsalesbase.com/european-sales-2021-ev/@lou_BC, carsalebase.com changed their data, so this is slightly different than last time I posted this, but same idea.
  • Varezhka Given how long the Mitsubishi USA has been in red, that's a hard one. I mean, this company has been losing money in all regions *except* SE Asia and Oceania ever since they lost the commercial division to Daimler.I think the only reason we still have the brand is A) Mitsubishi conglomerate's pride won't allow it B) US still a source of large volume for the company, even if they lose money on each one and C) it cost too much money to pull out and no one wants to take responsibility. If I was the head of Mitsubishi's North American operation and retreat was not an option, I think my best bet would be to reduce overhead by replacing all the cars with rebadged Nissans built in Tennessee and Mexico.As much as I'd like to see the return of Triton, Pajero Sport (Montero Sport to you and me), and Delica I'm sure that's more nostalgia and grass is greener thing than anything else.
  • Varezhka If there's one (small) downside to the dealer not being allowed to sell above MSRP, it's that now we get a lot of people signing up for the car with zero intention of keeping the car they bought. We end up with a lot of "lightly used" examples on sale for a huge mark-up, including those self-purchased by the dealerships themselves. I'm sure this is what we'll end up seeing with GR Corolla in Japan as well.This is also why the Land Cruiser has a 4 year waitlist in Japan (36K USD starting MSRP -> buy and immediately flip for 10, 20K more -> profit) I'm not sure if there's a good solution for this apart from setting the MSRP higher to match what the market allows, though this lottery system is probably as close as we can get.