Toyota Again Teases the new 4Runner Ahead of Today's Reveal

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague

The current Toyota 4Runner has been on sale long enough that it’s almost old enough to drive itself, but the automaker is finally giving us an update for the 2025 model year. In addition to an expected move to an available hybrid powertrain for the iconic off-roader, it will also get a roll-down rear window and a significantly upgraded infotainment system. Toyota hasn’t slowed the drip of teases leading up to the official reveal, and the latest confirms that we’ll see a new Trailhunter trim similar to the one offered for the 2024 Tacoma.

Toyota’s new teaser shows the Trailhunter badge, which should bring similarly beefy off-road upgrades to the ones seen on the Taco. That would mean Old Man Emu shocks, 33-inch all-terrain tires, underbody cladding and skid plates, and more ground clearance. The automaker will likely continue offering TRD variants, giving 4Runner buyers several levels of off-road performance to choose from.

Outside of the teases, details for the new SUV are scarce. It’s expected to ride on the TNGA-F platform, which underpins the Tundra, Sequoia, Tacoma, Lexus GX, and Lexus LX. The 4Runner will likely debut with a standard turbocharged four-cylinder engine and an available hybrid system, with output numbers reaching somewhere north of 325 horsepower.

Toyota will fully reveal the 4Runner later today, so we don’t have long to wait for confirmation of specs, though pricing probably won’t come out until closer to the on-sale date. The 2024 4Runner starts at $40,705 before destination, so we expect the new model to land with a slightly higher price tag.

[Image: Toyota]

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Chris Teague
Chris Teague

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