Shelby Dips Its Toe in EV Waters

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

If you wondered how some of America’s speed houses were going to adjust to an all-electric future, today brings a partial answer. Shelby has introduced a Mach-E GT, a rig that adds carbon fiber body panels and a performance suspension – while leaving the powertrain untouched.

In a telling move, the first 100 copies are reserved for Europe.

Sure, one could argue that Europe is where Shelby's performance was technically gestated when ol’ Carroll plunked a V8 engine in an AC Ace to make the Cobra. But the intervening decades have seen the company prominently – and logically – sell its wares to Americans with a healthy dose of red-white-and-blue marketing. That the brand’s first EVs are headed across the pond speaks volumes.

Know what else speaks volumes? A new Active Performance Sound System from Borla, meant to mimic the sounds of an internal combustion engine as it matches the vehicle speed and RPM. Fans got a glimpse of this tech at last year’s SEMA Show in Vegas, where it was demonstrated with a trio of settings to reproduce the racket of different V8 engines. Nowhere in the bumf is it mentioned what sort of noise this particular system creates. Companies like Shelby and Borla tend to insist this type of tech is a key part of creating an expected component of high-performance cars, but it can be argued that the brave new EV world is the right time to introduce new aural delights instead of trying to reinvent the past – sometimes poorly. We shall see. 

Shelby says the new suspension gubbins lowers the car by an inch, while the carbon fiber bits “cut weight off the top” which presumably translates into a lower center of gravity. Forged aluminum wheels are said to reduce mass at each corner, and the typical Shelby stripes are added as well. Insofar as one can tell, there are no performance upgrades compared to a stock Mach-E GT, which belts out 480 horsepower and 634 lb-ft of torque. You can comment on this decision at your leisure.

A total of 100 packages are planned for offer in Europe, marking the Carroll Shelby Centennial, and can be retrofitted to 2021-2023 model year Mach-E GT models or may be added to a new rig. Cost checks in at €24,900 (roughly $27,500 USD), not including the vehicle itself.

[Images: Shelby]

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Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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  • 28-Cars-Later 28-Cars-Later on Apr 28, 2023

    Ye gods, how lame.

  • RHD RHD on Jun 28, 2023

    A product has been manufactured and marketed, and the buyers are lining up. Along with Roush and other similar companies, adding the label is like putting a designer tag on the same old jeans from the same old sweatshop. It would have been informative if the article could have had information comparing the before and after handling and performance numbers. They may be unavailable because there isn't 25,000 euros of difference.

  • ToolGuy I found this particular episode to be incredibly offensive.I am shocked that eBay Motors is supporting this kind of language and attitudes in 2024.I will certainly keep this in mind next time I am choosing where to buy auto parts (I buy a LOT of auto parts).
  • SaulTigh When I was young in the late 80's one of my friends had the "cool dad." You know the guy, first to buy a Betamax and a C-band satellite dish. Couple of stand up arcade games in the den. Bought my friend an Atari 2600 as soon as they came out. He had two of these crap heaps. One that only ran half the time and one for parts in the yard. My middle school brain though he was the most awesome dad ever, buying us pizza and letting us watch R rated movies recorded on free HBO weekend. At the time I though he was much better than my boring father.Now with adult hindsight, I now know he was "dad who should have taken better care of his family" and not had so many toys.
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  • Jeff How did the discussion get from an article about a 56 billion dollar pay package for Elon Musk to a proposal to charge a per mile tax on EVs in California or paying increase registration on vehicles to make up for lost gas tax revenue? I thought such a discussion would better fit Matt's Gas Wars series.
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