Rumor Mill: Ford May Return to F1

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
rumor mill ford may return to f1

With F1’s growing popularity on this side of the pond – thanks to the streaming specials and no fewer than three races in America next year – combined with a potential opening at one of the sport’s best teams, rumblings are emerging that Dearborn could once again immerse itself in the crucible of world motorsport.

Dramatic enough for ya? Hey, we’ve been dying to use the word ‘crucible’ for ages now. Anyway, a report out of is adding fuel to the rumor that Ford is considering a tie-up with Avec Red Bull at some point in the future. According to those gearheads with their collective ears to the ground, Blue Oval suits are thinking about shacking up with the championship team once the latter’s agreement with Honda expires after 2025.

In an incredibly complex (would it be any other way in F1?) series of forthcoming events, Red Bull is committing to producing its own power unit starting in the 2026 calendar year. In order to do this, they’ll need an automotive partner, making one wonder just how this is the team’s ‘own power unit’ after all. Semantics aside, one can wager Red Bull expects to have a great deal more input into the design and such of what drives their car than they currently do in their existing deal with Honda. 

Certainly, any tie-up with an OEM could be for marketing purposes or to leverage their technical expertise. It’s all but a foregone conclusion at this point that power units will incorporate a wealth of electric power technologies.

It seems the team was deep in discussions with Porsche to achieve those goals but hauled out of talks when it became apparent the sportscar maker wanted a lot more control over the project than Red Bull was willing to relinquish. Those in the know suggest Ford wants little to do with formal ownership in the deal, perhaps content to ride the wave of success and lend a hand in development where appropriate.

This brings us back to F1’s recent surge in America. Sure, the Blue Oval is a global brand with plenty of presence in other markets but if F1’s trajectory in this country stays on its current course, you can bet Ford will want to be at the fore on its home turf.

Image: [Ford]

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  • ToolGuy ToolGuy on Dec 15, 2022

    I read in these pages that a stock F-150 is a great track vehicle, so this makes perfect sense. 😉

    (After Ford crushes all competitors in F1, they can market a special edition F-Series and call it the F1-50.)

  • Probert Probert on Dec 16, 2022

    Ford sells one car in America. Did F1 open a truck racing series?

    • Dukeisduke Dukeisduke on Dec 16, 2022

      Yeah, it doesn't make as much sense nowadays. But if you go back to the late 1960s and '70s when the Ford Cosworth DFV V8 was dominating F1, it was more about driving sales in Europe, not the US. Here in the US, it was NASCAR and USAC (stock car and open wheel racing) that drove sales. I just finished reading both volumes of Leo Levine's "Ford: The Dust and the Glory", the history of Ford and racing.

      I would think this is still more about driving sales in the rest of the world.

  • ToolGuy Seems pretty reasonable to me. (Sorry)
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  • ToolGuy Rock crushes scissors, scissors cut paper, paper covers rock, and drywall dents sheet metal.