2023 NY Auto Show: Hyundai Introduces 2024 Kona

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

Hyundai took the covers off three variants of its new Kona today, unveiling the standard and N-Line trims plus a continuation of the all-electric model – the latter of which Hyundai will now offer with two battery sizes.

In an unusual decision, Hyundai developed the Kona’s new platform with an electrified powertrain before the gassers. This aligns with the company’s accelerated electrification strategy announcement which will bring nearly a dozen new Hyundai EVs to the global market by 2030. Might as well start with that one, then.

The new Kona Electric packs a 64.8-kWh battery, roughly the same as last year’s car, good for an estimated 260 miles of range, and paired with a 201-horsepower electric motor. Interestingly, there will also be a smaller battery on offer, sized at 48.6-kWh and carrying the car just slightly less than 200 miles on a full charge. Only 133 horses are on tap in this trim, which doesn’t sound like much because it isn’t. Perhaps this trim will simply be a price leader to get people in the door, at which point someone with hair gel will upsell them to the bigger one.

Gassers will come with a choice of four-banger engines. Entry-level trims get a 2.0-liter mill making 147 ponies and 132 lb-ft of twist whilst Limited and N-Line trims earn a turbocharged 1.6L unit with 190 horsepower and 195 torques. The turbo ditches last year’s dual-clutch for an eight-speed automatic. All-wheel drive is an option for those who feel the need.

It’s bigger, too. The Kona is now 171.3 inches long, an increase of 5.7 inches and only half a foot less than the original Santa Fe. Wheelbase is up 2.3 inches to 104.7 (which sounds like a radio station), and the thing is a full inch wider than its predecessor. Hyundai brags of more cargo space – now 25.5 cubic feet with the rear seats up – and extra room for rear seat passengers compared to the old car.

The new exterior styling will not have escaped anyone’s notice, though we cannot fathom why Hyundai insists on placing the EV’s charging port in such a prominent location. Inside we find dual 12.3-inch panoramic display screens, though it’s not immediately clear if they are standard across the board. Note the new shifter, cribbed from the IONIQ 5, a column-mounted device that is rapidly making its way across the entire Hyundai lineup in both gasoline-powered and all-electric models.

Look for the 2024 Kona to arrive at U.S. dealers this summer, with the Kona Electric showing up in late autumn.

[Images: Hyundai, © 2023 Chris Tonn/TTAC]

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  • Kwik_Shift_Pro4X Kwik_Shift_Pro4X on Apr 05, 2023

    At least that black plastic trimming is gone.

    • 28-Cars-Later 28-Cars-Later on Apr 05, 2023

      Unfortunately Subaru cornered the market on the plastic trim/cladding supply so they had to drop it.

  • W Conrad W Conrad on Apr 06, 2023

    I thought the previous version had more character. This one is rather bland. I agree it is stupid placement for the electric charger port.

  • Wolfwagen What I never see when they talk about electric trucks is how much do these things weigh and how much does that detract from the cargo-carrying capacity?
  • Wolfwagen I dont know how good the Triton is but if they could get it over here around the $25K - $30K They would probably sell like hotcakes. Make a stripped down version for fleet sales would also help
  • 3SpeedAutomatic You mentioned that Mitsubishi cars had lost their character. Many brands are losing that that element as well. GM is giving up on the ICE Camaro and Dodge on the ICE Challenger. There goes the Bad Boy image. Might as well get your teeth pulled and dentures put in place. Would like to see a few EVOs with cherry bomb exhaust and true 4 cylinder BIG blower turbos; 4 wheel drift capacity is mandatory!!🚗🚗🚗
  • Tassos Here in my overseas summer palace, I filled up my tank twice in May, at 68 and 52 euros (a full 90+ liter tank fillup has taken 130-135 Euros in the past, and I am 23 miles from downtown here, while only 1-2 miles in the US)Still, diesel here is MUCH cheaper than gas. Yesterday, I paid 1,488 a liter while gas was at least 1,899 (regular).Multiply by almost 4 for gallons AND by an additional 1.1 for $.
  • 3SpeedAutomatic IIRC, both China and the EU use a standardized charger connection. About time the US & Canada to follow.Would take some of the anxiety out of an EU purchase and accelerate adoption. 🚗🚗🚗