Nissan Fettles GT-R for 2025, Could Be Last Call

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

In what may very well be the  final round of drinks at the GT-R table, Nissan has rolled out a few changes to Godzilla for the 2025 model year.

Sure, there are a few mechanical tweaks to the aging supercar but you know we’re going to lead with a mention of the tremendous blue interior which is now available on the Premium Edition trim. Yes, humans tend to love a bit of color. Nissan is calling it Blue Heaven, with the hue extending across the dash and onto the steering wheel instead of being limited to a bit of trim on the seats. Even the center console lid gets the treatment.

Under that hood is the same 3.8L twin-turbo V6 engine, making 565 horses in most trims but cranked to 600 ponies in the Nismo variant. Chassis tuning is specific on the latter as well, fettled so it can be set to maximum attack around the world’s racetracks. Elsewhere, the Premium Edition T-spec and Track Edition are now gifted high precision weight-balanced piston rings, connecting rods and crankshafts. This was previously only available in the Nismo. The company describes these changes as providing snappier revs and faster turbo spooling, though no official changes to acceleration times were noted.

As ably described by our man Chris Teague earlier this month, the GT-R (as we know it) may not be long for this world. In fact, this is likely to be the final model year for the car in its present form, though it’s had a good run with 17 years under its race-prepped belt. Previous reports suggest just 1,500 of the things will be hammered together for 2025, making them instant collectibles amongst the moneyed gearhead set. How many will reach our shores is unclear.

Sales of the 2025 GT-R are planned to kick off in June.

[Images: Nissan]

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Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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  • MaintenanceCosts The black wheel arches and rocker trim are ghastly. Looks like to get them in body color you have to downgrade to the N Line. And you can't get a 360-degree camera on the N Line. Oh well, I'm not a compact CUV customer anyway.
  • Gray Where is Subaru on the list? They build them in Indiana. NASCAR should field the Legacy sedan to go up against Toyota.
  • Redapple2 H-K Styling. May not be my cup of tea but they re trying. Gripe. This would be a deal breaker. Door cut out - seat postion - 'B' pillar. I m over 6'. So the driver's seat is towards full back position. Rental Equinox last week. 1100 miles. The seat bottom to seat back point was 8 inches behind and around the 'B' pillar. I had to be contortionist to get in and out of the car. Brutal POS. Wife's Forester? Nearly equal/flush. I ve never seen 1 car review where they complain about this.
  • Lou_BC In my town the dealers are bad for marking up products, even pickups. There were multiple "mega-projects" on the go in my region so money was flowing fast and loose both by corporations and employees. All of that is coming to an end plus we've seen a pulpmill close, one pulpmill line close and a few sawmill closures. Cash is getting tight.
  • Lou_BC Branding is very powerful and effective. I always get a kick out of hardcore Harley Davidson fans. The "Jap scrap" mentality exists even in Canada. I used to get derided for riding Japanese bikes. I confused a bunch of Harley guys once when I pointed out that in Canada, Harley is just as much as a foreign import as Yamaha. They tried to argue that a Harley made in USA was not a foreign made bike. The cognitive dissonance made me laugh.