Mercedes Introduces 2024 E-Class, Proves SUVs Haven’t Totally Taken Over

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

Looking at most dealer lots, there’s a fair argument to be made that crossovers and SUVs have rudely – and perhaps permanently – shoved sedans into the bin. But the venerable body style is still kicking at some brands, selling in solid numbers and providing an option for smart customers who’d rather not copy their neighbors.

Enter the 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Its proportions are arguably anti-SUV, using a classic three-box sedan design incorporating a long hood with a greenhouse set well back on the overall silhouette. Merc is proud of this, actually using the words “cab-backward” in reference to its appearance. Given the history between Stuttgart and the company which coined the phrase “cab-forward”, it is fascinating to see it in the bumf.

Arcane automotive chronicles notwithstanding, the new E-Class plays the role of a large-and-in-charge sedan exceedingly well. Up front, a black panel-like surface links the grille and headlamps, hewn in high-gloss black which is visually suggestive of the all-electric Mercedes-EQ models. This is surely intentional. Some trims will have a traditional hood ornament, others will have a loud Merc star in the grille. Flush-fitting door handles pop out at the ready, while the rear is home to two-section LED lights with a new contour and special star design.

Mercedes has been making a big deal of its infotainment, showing up here as a Superscreen which can be paired with a passenger display in case no one wants to talk with anyone else in the car. Few companies do interior ambient lighting like Mercedes, with the E-Class hosting ribbons of the stuff in a wide arc from the windscreen, past the A-pillars, and into the doors. No, it’s not as distracting in use as you may think it is. Rear leg- and knee-room benefit from the slightly longer new wheelbase, and trunk space sits at 19 cubic feet.

Many markets will get to choose from an E 350 or E 450, models whose combustion engines now tag team an integrated starter-generator to create a mild hybrid system. The E 350 gets a 2.0L engine with a rated output of 255 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, whilst the more powerful E 450 has a 3.0L mill good for 375 ponies and roughly a like amount of twist. The hybrid gubbins are said to add 20 hp/148 lb-ft of ‘boost’ but it would be unwise to simply add those numbers to the engine output for a total number. Realistically, that power fills in gaps at lower engine speeds before the gasoline mills are fully up to speed. There will surely be AMG variants in short order. Air suspension is on tap, as is a rear-axle steering system that can crank 4.5 degrees of angle in the aft rollers.

Look for the new E in dealers later this year.

[Images: Mercedes-Benz]

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Matthew Guy

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  • Stuki Moi Stuki Moi on Apr 25, 2023

    As long as the home market retains sensible speed limits on many stretches, there will always be sensibly designed cars from Germany.

  • Analoggrotto Analoggrotto on Apr 25, 2023

    mercedes has officially lost their grasp on style entirely and likely forever

    BMW can at least design something noticeable, however grotesque

    • Dave M. Dave M. on Apr 26, 2023

      Sorry, but to me this E-class looks much more the "luxury cruiser" part than the 5-series.

  • Vulpine My first pickup truck was a Mitsubishi Sport... able to out-accelerate the French Fuego turbo by Renault at the time. I really liked the brand back then because they built a model for every type of driver, including the rather famous 300/3000GT AWD sports car (a car I really wanted, but couldn't afford.)
  • Vulpine A sedan version of either car makes it no longer that car. We've already seen this with the Mustang Mach-E and almost nobody acknowledges it as a Mustang.
  • Vulpine Not just Chevy, but GM has been shooting itself in the foot for the last three decades. They've already had to be rescued once in that period, and if they keep going as they are, they will need another rescue... assuming the US govt. will willing to lose more money on them.
  • W Conrad Sedans have been fine for me, but I were getting a new car, it would be an SUV. Not only because less sedans available, but I can't see around them in my sedan!
  • Slavuta More hatchbacks