Honda Insight Being Replaced By More Hybrids Across Lineup

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
honda insight being replaced by more hybrids across lineup

Ahead of Honda’s planned EVs offensive for the United States, the automaker has announced a deluge of hybrid variants of existing products. However these new vehicles will come at the expense of the Insight, which the company had just confirmed will be discontinued after 2022. In its stead will be new hybrid trips for the CR-V, Accord, and Civic — the latter of which served as the template for the passing model.

That effectively makes the approaching (returning?) Civic Hybrid a direct replacement, giving those in the market for a compact hybrid an obvious alternative. But it’s still a little sad to see the Insight departing after seeing the model hang in there for so long without ever really being a hit with consumers. Despite this, your author frequently suggested it to people who were seeking cheap, reliable transportation and lacked any strong opinions about anything other than fuel economy.

Later examples of the Honda Insight shared some of the best aspects of the Civic. But even the earlier models competed admirably with the Toyota Prius and it being far-less popular meant dealers were often eager to see them taken off the lot. Throughout most of its lifespan, the compact struggled to break 20,000 annual deliveries in the United States. By contrast, Toyota’s hybrid reliably cleared 100,000 units every year it was on sale until 2018 — and even broke 200,000 U.S. deliveries in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Honda’s offering probably wasn’t ever quite as good as the Prius, even though it landed on our market first. It sometimes felt like the second-generation Insight struggled bit more at highway speeds — especially when crosswinds became a factor — and the first-gen model’s automatic stop-start feature left a lot to be desired. But it could frequently be found tied to lofty discounts back when dealers still offered such things simply by it being the tougher sell.

The manufacturer doesn’t seem to have any nostalgia for the model, so it’s to be quietly done away with in June. From there, Big H said it plans to continue focusing on increasing hybrid volume of its core models. Honda will introduce all-new models of the CR-V Hybrid this year, followed by the Accord Hybrid, which will allegedly make up 50 percent of the sales mix of each model in the future.

“Hybrid-electric vehicles are effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and are a critical pathway toward Honda’s vision for 100 [percent] zero-emission vehicle sales in North America by 2040,” said Mamadou Diallo, vice president of Auto Sales at American Honda Motor Co. “Making the volume leader of our core models hybrid-electric will dramatically boost electrified sales in the Honda lineup, a strategy that will be augmented by the arrival of a Civic Hybrid in the future.”

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  • Beachy Beachy on Apr 18, 2022

    Notice how that old Insight does not hug the ground and still gets world class mpg? I hope the new hybrids can have decent ground clearance. That is the biggest failing of the Prii, excepting maybe styling. And as ugly as they are, still not the ugliest Toyota.

  • Pianoboy57 Pianoboy57 on Apr 19, 2022

    I remember an old article in Popular Mechanics where they were comparing early Prius and Civic Hybrids. Then they had a take on the VW TDI of the time. I quickly lost interest in the hybrids and eventually owned a TDI Sportwagen. I didn't want any other kind of car in that time of my life. Its too bad they went away. I looked at a Civic Hybrid after my TDI days ended but decided I didn't want to ride around in a video game. I wish Subaru would get on the stick and bring out the Outback in a hybrid.

  • RICK Lou, not sure about panthers and Cougars , BUT at 76,I now consider myself a vintage Rolls Canardly. I roll down one hill and Canardly get up the next! Wishing you a Very Happy, Merry HanaKwanzaMas. 🎅🎄
  • Lou_BC The dealbreaker for me is the $80k starting price in Canada.
  • Zipper69 The Grenadier was designed ground up to be a "better Land Rover" and by most press accounts comes close.What little we know about the Quartermaster it's clear that it's intended for serious off road work without additional aftermarket fettling needed.The price is clearly a barrier, but IF it's the real deal, it will have a slot in the market.
  • Michael Charging more for less. Hmmmm
  • FreedMike Meanwhile, over at Nissan, you can get a perfectly nice, well equipped Frontier four-door that has a V-6, 4wd, and is capable of all the "truck stuff" you could ever want for $36,000. And unlike the "pay over sticker or go f**k yourself" nonsense you get at the Toyota place, the Nissan store will probably happily make you a nice deal.