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As if the 2023 Honda HR-V hasn’t been teased enough. The wraps are finally off, yet we still know little about the mechanicals.

Here’s what we do know from Honda’s press release today — the HR-V will be longer, with a wider stance, than the outgoing model. It will also be larger overall, and it remains based on the Honda Civic.

Honda does say the HR-V will get a “more responsive” engine and a new independent rear suspension. I’m guessing the “more responsive” wording might mean that the Civic’s available 1.5-liter turbo-four will be the mill of choice. I’d also guess the Civic’s CVT will be the sole transmission. I’d expect all-wheel drive to remain an option.


Back to aesthetics — the HR-V gets LED head- and tail lamps and a rear spoiler, and the beltline is pretty low.

It sounds like Honda is going to release info on the HR-V in dribs and drabs over the next few months. That’s the type of marketing approach that makes more sense for, say, a highly anticipated sports car like the Civic Type R, but what do I know? I’m but a lowly blogger.


Anyway, you can at least gaze upon the new HR-V in this here post while we await further details on specs.

My hot take is that from the side, the HR-V looks clean but anonymous and bland, while the low, gape-mouthed grille reminds of the S2000. It’s not ugly, exactly, but not breaking new ground in crossover-utility vehicle design.

[Images: Honda]

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18 Comments on “2023 Honda HR-V Grows in Size, Specs to Come...”

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    Since the Fit that the current model is based upon is no more it makes sense to upsize this. It was too small for many in any event so this is a positive change. I’m not a Honda fanboy but I like the front end design. It is distinctive and not a lookalike as most CUVs are these days.

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    It’s not the most striking car in the world but it should be fairly practical, reliable, and economical

    Looks like automakers are finally moving away from the floating roof thing – so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice

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    I think this generation will be a big hit. The CR-V is a bit bigger than what I, as an empty nester, need. I do like the increase power and IRS. I hope that someone at Honda has decided to put some sound insulation into the HR-V. Now lets see the specs and some interior shots.

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    SCE to AUX

    “while the low, gape-mouthed grille reminds of the S2000”

    I see the Gen 1 Kia Niro, but not as nice to my eye.

    Whatever, it will do well.

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    Arthur Dailey

    Based on the Civic platform and therefore upsized, it now goes on my ‘possible’ purchase list. Recently put about $800 into our ‘back up vehicle’ rather than order something new. Will try to wait out the current market when hopefully return to ‘normal’. Not happy about it having a CVT and hope that it is less noisy than the current model. Due to Canadian pricing and specs, a Maverick is now out of the question as is a Santa Cruz.

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    Suggested advertising line:

    Honda HR-V – When the Ambien stops working

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    ” and it remains based on the Honda Civic.”

    I thought the outgoing model was based on the Fit platform?

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    The front end is interesting, not sure if I would call it good looking. My first thought is this is now squarely a Subaru Outback competitor, at least in terms of size and likely price. Side view even looks a little Outbacky.

    Overall, this is a pretty bland design though. Better than previous version…..I suppose, but this overall design is phoning it in. I think they also needed more shadow in the press photos to hide that front overhang in the direct side view. Yikes.

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    How dare you disgrace the S2000 legacy by associating it with this lobotomy-faced turd.

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    Jeff S

    Might be a better choice for many since it is a little larger but not as large as the newer CRV.

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    This is going to sell many more than the previous one. I hope the noise insulation is a bit better; the previous one may be one of the noisiest non-trucks currently on the market.

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    Looks like a nice car. A little weird having two completely different HR-V at the same time. Would’ve made things cleaner if the Euro/Japanese version was standardized to the Japanese “Vezel” and this to “HR-V”.

    Eitherway, I’m glad they didn’t name this Civic Crosstour.

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    Another blob CUV. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

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