By on April 11, 2022

It seems like just yesterday that Kia unveiled the Telluride three-row SUV. Now it’s apparently due for its first significant refresh.

Kia’s press materials promise changes to both the exterior and interior design, though the attached teaser image suggests the basic exterior shape will remain. Softened, perhaps, but still boxy.

Kia is fairly mum, for the moment, on what else to expect, other than to say that convenience and tech will be upgraded. The biggest news is the addition of an X-Pro trim.

Oh, Kia also says capability will be upgraded, and while the type of capability in question here isn’t clear — is it cargo capability? More power? — we’d guess it’s off-road-related, especially with the announcement of the X-Pro trim.

Kia takes the wraps off the Telluride Wednesday morning, just after 10 Eastern time. Expect the updated Kia Niro to be shown, as well.

The Telluride’s platform sibling, the Hyundai Palisade, is also slated for a similar update. We’ll have a separate post on that today or tomorrow.

[Image: Kia]

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15 Comments on “2022 New York Auto Show Week: Kia Updates the Telluride...”

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    Yours for only $10,000 over sticker.

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    SCE to AUX

    I’m surprised they’re keeping the ‘tiger nose’. The EV6 shows how it could evolve away, or take on a different form.

    I still like the tiger nose, but it’s getting a bit old.

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    Art Vandelay


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    According to that teaser, they’re bringing it in line with the Mojave styling in other markets.

    Mojave is the current name for the Borrego, the RWD thing they sold here for a short time.

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    Secret Hi5

    Frequent exterior design changes are entertaining for car enthusiasts and window shoppers, but I wonder if they lower resale value and diminish brand image.

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    Or no, not again. It is already perfect why to update?

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    The all new KN Notatruck POS edition with $10,000 ADM coming soon to a showroom near you.

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    Bare minimum…please for the love of all things holy, Kia, ****can that logo and use the home market stylized “K” logo. I haven’t seen one Kia in any shape, form, and color where this logo looks good. It doesn’t match anything, it’s jarring, and really, I’m surprised Trent Reznor hasn’t sued over trademark infringement.
    And then when you’re done peeling the NIN logos off of your cars, work on your electrical and lighting systems. I’m tired of seeing 6 year old Hyundais and Kias with multiple dead lighting assemblies. Makes your brand look cheap like they don’t hold together well. You had an excuse in the 80s and 90s when you guys were the cheap foreign alternative to the Japanese cars and people were willing to put up with crap to get a good deal on one. But if you want to hang with the adults in the room, swap chairs with VW and sweat the details and have your cars hold up a bit better.
    Now I’m going to outside for a minute and yell at clouds.

    • 0 avatar
      SCE to AUX

      “swap chairs with VW and sweat the details and have your cars hold up a bit better”

      We are not living in the same universe.

      • 0 avatar

        “We are not living in the same universe.”

        Fact checking: Wrong. If you lived in different universes you were not able to communicate with each other.

        • 0 avatar
          SCE to AUX

          @ILO: You got me there.

        • 0 avatar

          @Inside Looking Out: Ahhh…but I’ve studied “Interstellar.” I’m actually floating behind some bookshelves and messing with gravity and seconds hands and piles of dust. And the message I’m trying to send is that while some VWs have some quality issues, they still feel like cohesive units with steering, suspension, brakes, and everything else feeling like they are all on the same page. H/K, at least the rentals and loaners I’ve had, still seem to sell on features for money and to wave shiny objects in front of people in the hopes they will buy (see their overdone front lighting elements as Exhibit A) instead of having all of those above systems seem like they are on the same page. So many reviews have the word “BUT” when it comes to the driving experience.

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