Talking Gas Prices and More on the Second TTAC Podcast

talking gas prices and more on the second ttac podcast

Hi there! Remember that podcast we did a few weeks back? Well, we’re back with more.

There’s also more to come.

In this episode, you can hear our velvet voices opine on high gas prices, the new Acura Integra, Acura’s SUV lineup, the lack of a Subaru WRX STI, and the best cars of 1997. There are no discussions of cat vomit this time, sadly, since our little furballs (Posky and I have cats, not sure if Mr. Guy is also a pet owner) were on their best behavior.

Poorly yet humorously timed kitty expulsions aside, we hope you’ll find effort number two to be a bit more polished — yours truly dusted off his podcast mic this time around. Overall, it’s still a work in progress, so don’t judge us too harshly, but you know how to comment below with reasonable feedback. Feel free to also join in the discussion about the podcast topics, of course.

One housekeeping note: We’re trying to make the podcast available across as many platforms as possible, but some platforms (cough AppleSpotifyPandora cough) are a bit, um, slow, to onboard new ‘casts. It may be some time before we’re on those services, but we’re available elsewhere.

Download it directly right here. For those who want to skip around by segment, the transition from one to two happens around 13:20 and the second transition occurs around 37 minutes in.

Thanks for reading — and now, listening.

UPDATE: I am aware the link was broken. Should be fixed now. Thanks!

[Image: Acura]

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  • As long as we participate in the OIL COMMODITIES MARKET we will forever be beholden to foreign powers and BIG OIL's market manipulation by SPECULATION. No amount us US drilling will solve it No reserves release will solve it No new pipelines will solve it It is a commodity market .. price spikes based on speculation buying and selling control the price.. not quantity. Oil crashed 2021.. yet I still paid 3$/gal for premium and 5$/gal for road deisel

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    • Jeff S Jeff S on Mar 29, 2022

      Exactly it is a commodities market and we are paying the price in more ways than just the price of oil.

  • Redapple Redapple on Mar 29, 2022

    One good thing from the higher price. People will re examine their need for a monster pig up truck.

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    • Jeff S Jeff S on Mar 29, 2022

      Agree especially if they don't need one. It is different for those who need a large truck for their business but different for those who are making a statement with one and then complain about the price of gasoline or diesel. Just accept responsibility for your choice. I don't think large trucks will go away but fewer of them would be good. Large trucks do serve a purpose but not everyone needs one.

  • Arthur Dailey For the Hornet less expensive interior materials/finishings, decontent just a little, build it in North America and sell it for less and everyone should be happy with both the Dodge and the Alfa.
  • Bunkie I so wanted to love this car back in the day. At the time I owned a GT6+ and I was looking for something more modern. But, as they say, this car had *issues*. The first of which was the very high price premium for the V8. It was a several thousand dollar premium over the TR-7. The second was the absolutely awful fuel economy. That put me off the car and I bought a new RX-7 which, despite the thirsty rotary, still got better mileage and didn’t require premium fuel. I guess I wasn’t the only one who had this reaction because, two years later, I test-drove a leftover that had a $2,000 price cut. I don’t remember being impressed, the RX-7 had spoiled me with how easy it was to own. The TR-8 didn’t feel quick to me and it felt heavy. The first-gen RX was more in line with the idea of a light car that punched above its weight. I parted ways with both the GT6+ and the RX7 and, to this day, I miss them both.
  • Fred Where you going to build it? Even in Texas near Cat Springs they wanted to put up a country club for sport cars. People complained, mostly rich people who had weekend hobby farms. They said the noise would scare their cows. So they ended up in Dickinson, where they were more eager for development of any kind.
  • MaintenanceCosts I like the styling of this car inside and out, but not any of the powertrains. Give it the 4xe powertrain - or, better yet, a version of that powertrain with the 6-cylinder Hurricane - and I'd be very interested.
  • Daniel J I believe anyone, at any level, should get paid as much as the market will bear. Why should CEOs have capped salaries or compensation but middle management shouldn't? If companies support poor CEOs and poor CEOs keep getting rewarded, it's up to the consumer and investors to force that company to either get a better CEO or to reduce the salary of that CEO. What I find hilarious is that consumers will continue to support companies where the pay for the CEOs is very high. And the same people complain. I stopped buying from Amazon during the pandemic. Everyone happily buys from them but the CEO makes bank. Same way with Walmart and many other retailers. Tim Cook got 100m in compensation last year yet people line up to buy Iphones. People who complain and still buy the products must not really care that much.