Tesla Recalling 475,000 Cars Over Camera, Hood Latch Issues

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
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tesla recalling 475 000 cars over camera hood latch issues

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has confirmed that Tesla will be recalling 356,309 examples of the Model 3 presumed to be suffering from a defect that can cause the rearview camera to malfunction. Another 119,009 Model S sedans will also be recalled over a problem pertaining to the frontal hood latch.

Regulators believe both items pose a safety risk to drivers and Tesla will be issuing a formal recall to address the matter, though the hood latch seems the more hazardous issue. The Model 3 (MY 2017-2020) is only being repaired over the potential for the rear camera cable harness getting pinched after repeated trunk use. Tesla believes that some units could have been placed in a way that makes them subject to undue wear, causing the camera display to fail.

While the Model S recall similarly pertains to the premature wearing of parts, it’s another one of those hood latch problems where the worst-case scenario involves you getting a face full of sheet metal at highway speeds. It’s one of those issues you cannot believe manufacturers are still getting wrong, yet persists with surprising regularity. It wasn’t all that long ago since we were writing about how Honda was recalling nearly 800,000 automobiles for roughly the same item. The Japanese company was worried that drivers would be blinded by the hood while in motion and the same applies to Tesla — with the American automaker making explicit mention of hoods coming undone “without warning and obstruct the driver’s visibility, increasing the risk of a crash” in its report to the NHTSA.

On the upside, documents state that the manufacturer is not aware of any deaths, injuries, or crashes, related to the issues with the Model S and Model 3 recalls.

The automaker has also heeded guidance from the regulator to stop allowing people to play video games using the infotainment system while a vehicle is in motion. Tesla was chided last month by the media for allowing passengers to play a subset of video games the driver could see and even take advantage of if they were okay with violating the company’s terms. While the NHTSA was running an investigation into the matter (one of several it has against Tesla that could easily be levied at any number of legacy automakers) the automaker simply removed the feature from its user interface. Though it has not made any formal promises to regulators to keep it that way.

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Matt Posky
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  • Akear Akear on Jan 04, 2022

    There is no point on busting on Tesla anymore. They have won and that is all there is to it. GM on the other hand has just lost its domestic sales crown to Toyota. For the first time in 90 years GM is no longer the top car maker in the US. GM - what a disgrace!!!

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    • Dal20402 Dal20402 on Jan 05, 2022

      @28-Cars-Later A few things are missing. Let's look at this by segment. FULL-SIZE PICKUP Silverado, Sierra HD PICKUP Silverado HD, Sierra HD MIDSIZE PICKUP Colorado, Canyon FULL-SIZE SUV Suburban, Yukon XL, Escalade ESV Tahoe, Yukon, Escalade CARGO VAN Express, Savana CAB-FORWARD TRUCK LCF SUBCOMPACT CUV Trax, Encore Trailblazer, Encore GX Bolt EUV COMPACT CUV Equinox, Terrain, Envision, XT4 MIDSIZE CUV Blazer, XT5 Acadia, XT6 LARGE THREE-ROW CUV Traverse, Enclave SUBCOMPACT HATCH Spark (yes, still) Bolt EV COMPACT SEDAN Malibu CT4 MIDSIZE SEDAN CT5 4-SEAT COUPE Camaro SPORTS CAR Corvette But in any event it's worth remembering that Silverado + Sierra + Equinox, just three products, represent an outright majority of all the sales in the report.

  • JD-Shifty JD-Shifty on Jan 04, 2022

    it's really too bad GM never made a car as good as a civic or corolla for the budget minded

  • RHD This looks like a lead balloon. You could buy a fantastic classic car for a hundred grand, or a Mercedes depreciationmobile. There isn't much reason to consider this over many other excellent vehicles that cost less. It's probably fast, but nothing else about it is in the least bit outstanding, except for the balance owed on the financing.
  • Jeff A bread van worthy of praise by Tassos.
  • Jeff The car itself is in really good shape and it is worth the money. It has lots of life left in it and can easily go over 200k.
  • IBx1 Awww my first comment got deletedTake your “millennial anti theft device” trope and wake up to the fact that we’re the only ones keeping manuals around.
  • ToolGuy "Images © 2023 Tim Healey/TTAC; Mercedes-Benz"• I bet I can tell you which is which.