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2021 is finally ending. We lurch into 2022 still dealing with a global pandemic, and supply-chain shortages, and climate change, and everything else, but we can at least take three days to pause, watch a ton of college and NFL football (Go Irish, Bear Down), drink cheap champagne, and hope that 2022 is better — and brings about the end of the pandemic phase of COVID.

Whether you make resolutions or not, I hope your next year is safe and treats you well. I also hope that we finally return to a semblance of normalcy. This year has dragged — the famous Bernie Sanders mitten photo isn’t even a year old yet.

As for us, we’ll stop posting sometime this afternoon. It’s always possible something may pop over the weekend, but we’ll likely be pretty quiet till Monday.

Oh, and if you think I got “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” mixed up in that headline, you have homework to do — you need to spend a couple of hours watching the Eddie Murphy/Dan Aykroyd flick Trading Places so you can understand the reference.

Keep your partying COVID safe, don’t drink and drive, and we’ll see you next year.

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26 Comments on “Housekeeping: Merry New Year...”

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    Are two gym memberships better than one?

    /Hypothesis testing mode engaged

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    “Whether you make resolutions or not”

    I’m going to try to smoke and drink a little more often.

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    Happy New Normal version 20.22!

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      I’ve spent the last year asking people to choose which of these is best supported by available evidence:
      2021 sucks
      2021 is the new normal
      2021 is the last of the good old days
      They always get mad.

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        I would say, depends where you live and what you do.
        If you live in Belarus – nothing has changed. If you die – you die.
        If you live in Australia, from exemplary democracy (you obligated to vote, not merely have the right) you now live in totalitarian fascist state and possibly in the Covid concentration camp
        If you live in Florida, you have a normal year. If you live in California, you’re happy to be a prole because at this time only proles remain in California.

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          Jesus H Christ on a Popsicle stick Slavuta! It’s a post wishing everyone a nice holiday after a hellish year. Cant’ you keep the politics and conspiracy theories you thread into every post at bay just once? Are you already out of potato vodka? Relax man! Peace! I’m toasting you with an American craft brew as I write this.

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            I am toasting you with a Hungarian red wine. And I actually had pretty normal year. I vacationed at the beech in S.Carolina, I went to parties, wedding. I just had 2 in 2 days.
            The only thing that is not normal this year is the irrational behavior of some people

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        I would say 2021 is the new normal. There are periods of time when everything is changing fast like it did in 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

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    Here is a story which nicely encapsulates the year that has been 2021:

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      Since you are all busy doing Important Things, let me connect the dots for you:
      – In previous years, feral pigs were (and still are) a problem on land
      – As of 2021, they are a threat to humans in open water
      – I don’t think I have to point out the next battleground [squints up at the sky]

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    “We lurch into 2022 still dealing with …. climate change”

    I nearly fell off my chair. So…. from the beginning of history, we have not dealt with a climate change? I hope that was a joke. I remember learning that one day — “Ice covered Manhattan Island and the Upper New York Bay, the northern tip of Staten Island, and the northern half of Long Island. At its thickest it was taller than the Empire State Building, perhaps 2,000 feet or more”

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      “We lurch into 2022 still dealing with …. climate change”

      I’m not worried because there is a safe and effective vaccine for that.

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        “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent”

        — Bill Gates

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            First, I don’t need a “fact” check on something I heard with my own ears just days ago.
            Second, this –
            “However, Gates was not suggesting the global population should be killed off using vaccines. He is instead saying that improving public health using vaccinations can reduce unsustainable population growth in the future – and with it, lower carbon emissions.”
            – Is putting words into Billy’s mouth. Because this is not what he said. And it is not making sense. In you improve health service, people would want to have more children.

            Third, all these fact checkers are disinformation. And Reuters is British propaganda mouthpiece anyways.

            I wish you in the new year to jump off this unsustainable train. The riders of which are going off the cliff anyways. Remember how supporters of the regimes end. Look what French, Czech, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Italian people did to them.
            Normal people want to have children, eat real beef and you will not stop it.

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          overpopulation is a problem no one wants to talk about.

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            Most countries have a wonderful way to regulate themselves.
            US birth rate is under 2, which means we should experience decline. But because someone opens borders we get millions of illegals and legals to come here and produce in good conditions.
            Many countries unload people into other countries and keep producing, while those who live in better countries keep sending them money and this promotes production.
            Shut down migration and watch decline in populations. Need no invent of special programs.

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    “I wish you in the new year to jump off this unsustainable train. The riders of which are going off the cliff anyways. Remember how supporters of the regimes end. Look what French, Czech, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Italian people did to them.
    Normal people want to have children, eat real beef and you will not stop it.’

    folks like you should eat more beef. and bacon. and drink a lot.

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    Master Baiter

    In 2022 I will turn 60. I really hope climate change doesn’t do me in this year.

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    MS Exchange just crashed. No, not ecause of climate change or racial injustice, but because (according to rumors) it could not convert 2022 01/01 (date) to long integer.

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