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If you’re one of the moneyed set who enjoys a pint-sized car powered by a frantic five-cylinder engine, 2022 will be the last opportunity to pick up an Audi TT RS. With the 394 horsepower rocket set for its swan song next year, you know Audi will be offering some sort of special edition to mark the end of this era.

To be clear, the little imp isn’t totally going away, with the TT and TTS models scheduled to continue in both American and International markets. Meanwhile, the 2022 Audi TT RS Heritage Edition will be limited to just 50 copies; ten each of a specific color combination. Tizian Red metallic with Havanna Brown leather sounds like the overall winner to us.

Under the hood, one will find one of Audi’s more powerful engines, packing 394 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque. This five-cylinder mill brings the TT RS Coupe from 0 – 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds. Its unique firing order (1-2-4-5-3) provides the type of ripping roar at wide open throttle that simply has to be experienced to be believed. In other words, the girl’s got rhythm. If you simply must have your five-cylinder fix, Audi sales reps will be more than happy to point you towards the new RS 3 which goes on sale next summer in the American market.

The interior leather and contrast stitching combinations offered on these machines are leveraged from the current Audi exclusive portfolio of upholstery selections, including a bunch of first-time factory color combinations for our market. If that sounds like a trifling detail, you don’t know the lengths some of these exacting collectors will go to in order to secure a speedy machine that doesn’t look like the one driven by that finance bro in the next office. Other exterior visual cues include the expected Heritage Edition script jewelry, which will be followed by the engine firing order of the five-cylinder (be sure to point that out to all yer unimpressed gearhead buddies), underlined by a “quattro” script in the rear quarter glass on the right side of each car.

Pricing? As the saying goes: if you have to ask (and so forth). The unique Heritage Edition will sticker at $81,450 while the standard TT RS is going to bear a price of $73,200.

While 2022 is the last model year for the TT RS in the U.S., the model will live on in other international markets for now and probably one of the last powered solely by gasoline. With electrification just around the corner, you can bet your bratwurst Audi will be creating an all-electric TT RS (or at least a devastatingly powerful PHEV) within the next few years.

[Image: Audi]

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15 Comments on “Get Inline: 2022 is Final Year for Audi TT RS in America...”

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    Anyone in this crowd who’d be interested in shopping for one of these isn’t going to start looking before 2025.

  • avatar

    80 large?

    Are you smoking crack?

  • avatar

    I actually thought the TT was cancelled a couple years ago. Who’s buying these?

    • 0 avatar

      No one. But, hey, it’s small, it’s fast, it’s not a CUV, and it’s still available. Thank God!

    • 0 avatar

      I bought one of the original TTs back in 2001, for around 30K, but
      it was underpowered. The new ones have sufficient power, but are not priced at a point where many would consider them. I think I have seen one TT RS this year. I guess if you want something different than your friends have…
      AWD plus lots of hatchback storage room plus a gorgeous interior were what sold me at the time.

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        MRF 95 T-Bird

        Older first generation TTs have like many hot coupes jumped in value over the past few years.
        I used to see ones that were rough going for $2k with nicer ones $5-6k. Now you see decent ones in the $7-10k range.
        Yes you have your typical older German car issues but the parts for these are quite reasonable.

      • 0 avatar
        Tele Vision


        My sister bought a first flight TT when she was in Toronto. She parked it in the garage on Day One of ownership and didn’t manage to get it out of there for many weeks: deep snow followed by lake-effect weather created frozen 12′ ruts in the alley. Only Walter Röhrl could have gotten it out of there. Once she got it on the road she adored it.

        • 0 avatar

          My experience was the opposite. When we had two feet of snow here in Philly one winter, no one was able to get out of the alley behind our house (there are twelve houses on the alley) until I plowed through it with the AWD TT. I shoveled my portion of the alley out first, and then did a running shot down the rest of the alley to the street. Probably couldn’t have done that with a Cayman!

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    Undead Zed

    It’s a neat car, but at that price they’re pushing into Cayman territory, and nobody looking for a german sports car is gonna pick an Audi over a Porshe.

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    “Its unique firing order (1-2-4-5-3) provides the type of ripping roar at wide open throttle that simply has to be experienced to be believed.”

    This, and how. A neighbor of mine picked up an RS3 with the same engine last year, and the exhaust note is dead sexy.

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    All I want is this engine in a Golf R.

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    I adored my TT, a 225 coupe, when I wasn’t repairing it that is..

    I spent a good 10k in parts on it in the span of a few years, and finally gave up when there was no end in sight. Had I have been at the mercy of a mechanic for labour, the cost to own that car would have been scary.

    As unreliable as it was, I still miss it some days.

    The first gen TT to me, is timeless. Gorgeous car

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