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Hyundai SEVEN

Appearing on the same day as certain other vehicles under which one will find the E-GMP architecture, the annoyingly capitalized Hyundai SEVEN was introduced today at the L.A. Auto Show. Billed as a preview of a future sport utility electric vehicle, it’s meant to further the burgeoning all-electric IONIQ sub-brand while also being one of the building clocks for Hyundai’s kick at reaching carbon neutrality by 2045.

Why they didn’t have Jeri Ryan drive the thing on stage is beyond this author’s comprehension.

You may recall the automaker’s Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) has quickly become the structure for a number of vehicles including the Genesis GV60 and Kia EV6, not to mention the Concept EV9 which also appeared this morning at the same auto show. As such, this Hyundai SEVEN shares certain key metrics with the latter, including a targeted range of 300 miles and the capability to hoover up enough electrons to fill its battery to 80 percent in about 20ish minutes.

This is a big brute, with a wheelbase spanning almost 126 inches. That about splits the difference between a Tahoe and Suburban, if you’re wondering. Few other details were given since whatever production vehicle is spawned from this concept will likely be beaten into submission by pencil-necked accountants seeking to save pennies. A skateboard-style platform like the E-GMP does permit a certain amount of styling freedom compared to other structures where certain hardpoints are locked into place early in development. Don’t expect the wild door opening or seating arrangement shown here, for example, but that unique front lighting signature is not wholly out of the question.

Hyundai SEVEN

“The SEVEN concept demonstrates Hyundai’s creative vision and advanced technological development for our electrified mobility future,” said José Muñoz, President and CEO, Hyundai Motor North America. “Its innovative interior space, eco-friendly powertrain and cutting-edge safety and convenience technologies reveal an exciting future for Hyundai SUV customers.”

Cutting through the marketing speak, we find several technologies – in addition to the EV powertrain – that could be useful to real-world consumers. With all eyes on germ epidemiology these days, the Hygiene Airflow System is a neat idea that takes inspiration from the airflow management found in passenger aircraft. In its one mode, air is taken in through air intakes located in the roof rails. It then travels downward through the cabin and is extracted through an exterior vent behind the rear wheels. In another mode, the air flows from the slim dashboard to rear vents. It can apparently operate whether the vehicle is in motion or not, suggesting active airflow fans and the like, reducing cross-contamination among passengers and isolating airflow between front and rear occupants.

Pandemic or not, there has been an Uber or two in which we wish this type of system was in place. Dude definitely had Taco Bell for lunch, is all we’re saying.

There are no firm plans to produce the Hyundai SEVEN as it sits of course, though you can wager large sums it won’t be too long before their showrooms contain a large all-electric SUV. Perhaps they’ll hire Jeri Ryan to introduce that one.

{Images: Hyundai, © 2021 Tim Healey/TTAC]

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18 Comments on “Seven of Mine: Hyundai Assimilates Electric Power...”

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    Hyundai is trying hard to go out of business, and throwing away money in some incredibly stupid ways in the process.

    • 0 avatar

      What are you trying to say? The tables on that website show that up until the last few months they were selling more cars than last year. Market share had been increasing year over year too. I guess the chip shortage is Hyundai being stupid?

      • 0 avatar
        Margarets Dad

        Yes, Lynchenstein, I had the same reaction.

        Hyundai has gone from an international joke to one of the world’s best car manufacturers in less than 30 years, but apparently they don’t know what they’re doing. If only they had ToolGuy in the C suite … lol ….

      • 0 avatar

        a) Go to the annual table. When did sales peak in the U.S.? When did share peak?
        b) I said they were trying – didn’t say they were succeeding yet. These things take time.

        (Later we’ll discuss Mr. Munoz.)

    • 0 avatar

      I don’t think Hyundai or the other featured mfgs are trying to (or will) go out of business but most if not all of these models are going to bomb hard, especially since they all feature technology from several years ago which is already obsolete. If the product cycle started in 2018/2019 and late next year the product cycles from 20 kick in, they will have bested this stuff. Its like the early Iphone or further in the past the processor speed wars in the early 2000s, everything you buy today is obsolete in a short time – so why are you buying? Not as if these things are $16,999 and throwaway. The only thing that might save their resale would the administration’s ongoing “chip shortage” – which is just so incredibly convenient by the way if you go back a few years and look at some of the CARB et al demands for 2025 product. The decade of nothing-to-see-here coincidences continues!

  • avatar

    The name sounds like title for a horror movie. Not a chance that I put something called 666 or SE7EN in my garage.

  • avatar

    “Oh it’s got cache baby! It’s got cache out the ying-yang!’

  • avatar

    Take away the silly concept car gingerbread and I want to see the production version of this. Sometime in around 2024 I’m going to have cash burning a hole in my pocket to replace my Highlander Hybrid, if by then there is an appropriate BEV to do the job. I need three rows, 300 miles EPA range, and a nice interior.

    • 0 avatar


      You are in Texas? Post on TTAC @ 1.14AM?
      Respect, but.
      This site is not that good. (and going down real fast.)

      • 0 avatar

        Nah, West Coast. And I’m always up late because after my kids are in bed is the only time it’s quiet enough for me to get real work done.

      • 0 avatar


        The longest partial lunar eclipse in over 500 years is underway at this moment:

        Fortunately all the newest residents of my subdivision have installed aircraft-landing-light-quality outdoor lighting, aimed it directly at my property, and burn it all night (motion sensor technology is apparently unproven), which means I never have to worry about looking at the nighttime sky anymore.

        (The very nice telescope I purchased several years ago sits disused in the corner. Good news is I can turn off all -my- lights and still read a book inside my home at any hour of the night. Americans are awesome – and so in tune with the planet.)

  • avatar
    Jeff S

    At least it is more attractive than the Fisker and Subaru EVs but the rear lights and rear roof pillar are weird. Why do the designers have to make these EVs so ugly?

  • avatar

    Seven of Nine says: styling is irrelevant.

  • avatar
    Jeff S

    Maybe I am getting older but I just don’t want to pay 40k or more for a hideous looking vehicle that doesn’t look as good as a vacuum cleaner. I am sure that there are some decent looking EVs on the market but the trend in car and truck design seems to be more ugly. The 2022 Toyota Tundra is an ugly looking vehicle.

  • avatar

    Nice looking vehicle ! I’m not willing to buy an EV in the next 5 years but like the looks of it !

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