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New Ford Ranger

For anyone looking forward to a new iteration of the Ford Ranger (*raises hand*), it seems like November 24 would be a good day to mark on your calendar. In a teaser video released today on YouTube, the Blue Oval announced they’ll be showing what they’re calling a ‘global’ midsize pickup truck on that day.

It will be broadcast by the crew at Ford Europe, and the teaser was voiced by an Aussie. Sounds pretty global to us.

Of course, we’ve been down this road before, with the Ranger Raptor appearing in other markets but refusing to play on this side of the pond, not to mention the fact that the existing Ranger was shilled in other countries long before it showed up stateside. The same goes for Nissan, who for years had a so-called ‘global’ pickup they sold just about everywhere else except for, well, here. These memories put us on high alert.

Nevertheless, the company promises this Ranger will be sold in 180 markets, surely one of which will have 50 Stars & 13 Stripes on its national flag. The glimpses of pickup shown in the teaser above show familiar design cues, including the stylized fender vents which appear on the F-150 and Super Duty, plus a c-shaped light signature that is currently part and parcel of the Ford truck lineup in this country.

There’s no word on powertrain at this point, though it’s worth noting that Ranger currently doesn’t offer a V6 between its front fenders in America. Shadetree types tend to opine that the existing 2.7L EcoBoost found in the F-150 will fit the engine bay of a Ranger without a tremendous amount of difficulty, and you gotta think that the company which literally invented the assembly line can figure out how to stuff a few more horses under the hood of its tweener pickup. The same goes for Fox shocks and other Raptor equipment. Here’s hoping, at least.

Spy shots taken by eagle-eyed photogs have captured development mules that seem to retain proportions similar to the current truck. Expect a continued offering of both SuperCab and SuperCrew body styles, since both of them seem to sell in numbers sufficient to warrant their continuation – not to mention most of its competitors do the same. Mirroring engine choices in the Bronco would be a smart move, but stranger things have happened at the Glass House either in the name of profits or politics. If the Bronco’s 7-speed manual was ported to the new Ranger, it would fulfill the dreams of many Blue Oval fans.

Whatever’s in the hopper, all will be revealed on November 24 on the Ford Europe YouTube channel.

[image: Ford]

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18 Comments on “Next Ford Ranger Set to Debut November 24...”

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    I do hope they release a Ranger Raptor. I checked on ordering a Colorado ZR2 and was told that due to shortages Chevy wasn’t even taking orders and even if I could, I might have to wait a full year.

  • avatar

    Ford discontinued the Ranger with production ending in December 2011. Insufficient demand for pickup smaller than F-150 was Ford’s reason for ending production. F-150 serves the needs of any truck buyer.

    • 0 avatar

      But yet, they have the current Ranger and the new Maverick, which seems to have strong interest and sales so far.

      If you look on the used market, old Rangers, S10s and first gen Colorados seem to be holding their value strangely well, even pre COVID.

      Hyundai has a little truck too. Something tells me that not every buyer wants and F150.

      • 0 avatar

        This is me. I have no need for something as giant as any half-ton truck produced in the last decade+. The new Ranger was intriguing, but it still looks and feels huge since they lifted it up so high. The Maverick seems spot on. Whenever I decide to replace my current vehicle, it’s top of my list right now. Provided I fit (6’3″) and a kid fits behind me, it’s looking good. I’ve sworn off SUV’s and trucks for as long as sedans/wagons meet my needs but the Maverick provides a nice compromise to let me do some hauling and camping without unnecessary offroad equipment or gigantic proportions.

    • 0 avatar
      SD 328I

      They then realized they screwed up with the success of the Colorado and Canyon, modern mid-sizers based on the taste of international markets for 4-door mid-sized pick-ups that works really well in the US too.

      The original T6 platform Ranger we got recently was just a stop-gap, never designed for anything bigger than an I5 Diesel or 4 cylinder. We will get a modern designed Ranger that is better tailored to US taste with this new one. The Ranger will utilize the revised T6 the big Bronco uses, which should allow a V6 engine on the new Ranger.

      Though curious, GM is dropping the V6 in the next gen Colorado and Canyon.

      • 0 avatar

        Odd as that’s the reverse of GM’s normal MO of introducing a crippled or screwed up product, fixing it in a refresh, then discontinuing it. Now it seems to be fear of success, ut oh we somehow introduced a popular product but now will ruin it.

  • avatar
    Land Ark

    The new Ranger! My prediction: 3 inches longer, 4 inches wider, and 350 pounds heavier. $2,500 base price increase over the previous model.

    • 0 avatar

      12 yards long, 2 lanes wide, 65 tons of American Pride!

    • 0 avatar

      The size of the current Ranger made me give up and instead look into getting a Santa Cruz.

      The Ranger’s tailgate is nearly at the same height as an F150, overall its not huge, but for some reason they jacked the whole truck up into the air even without the 4X4 option. I realize many like the lifted truck look… but I don’t.

      With the Maverick Ford has a smaller offering (which seems very popular already) so a bigger Ranger wouldn’t shock me. Hopefully this global Ranger is updated to meet US expectations, the current one is short on tech and (based on reviews) doesn’t ride very well.

  • avatar

    Bets on how bad Ford will botch this launch? Perhaps this is why production for the North American market will not start until May 2023.

    And the big question….will Ford actually install a heated steering wheel in this Ranger and give it a working roof? That’s asking a lot from a company who employs the worst engineers in the business.

  • avatar

    But yet, they have the current Ranger and the new Maverick, which seems to have strong interest and sales so far.

    If you look on the used market, old Rangers, S10s and first gen Colorados seem to be holding their value strangely well, even pre COVID.

    Hyundai has a little truck too. Something tells me that not every buyer wants and F150.

  • avatar

    Pretty sure I watched the whole video, but I have no idea what Ford was trying to tell me.

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