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It’ll surprise exactly zero percent of our readers that automakers have gone all-in on electric SUVs and crossovers. That news continues apace, with Kia showing a ghostly image of its upcoming EV9. Set to fully appear as a concept car within the next month, there’s a strong possibility it’ll share much with its corporate cousin Hyundai Ioniq 7.

Both of these SUVs are said to be planned for construction on the group’s E-GMP structure. This is a so-called ‘skateboard style’ foundation specifically for battery electric vehicles and has apparently been designed for use with various body styles and sizes. Because it is a modular platform, there’s also the chance it’ll be pressed into use with fuel cell electric vehicles, on the off chance an egghead manages to figure out the economical storage or delivery of hydrogen at some point in our lifetime.

Estimating the size of this EV9 is difficult since the typically dark teaser sketch presents this vehicle in a vacuum with no other points of reference. However, its naming convention points to a larger three-row model, perhaps not all that different than the brand’s popular Telluride. Certainly, anyone with eyes can see the EV9 sketch features a similar boxy shape, one which has paid dividends for Kia as it has watched its largest gasoline-powered SUV fly off dealer lots and trade at sums well over sticker price. Still, given the E-GMP plans, don’t expect the EV9 to share too many parts with the Telluride.

It’s the latest in an onslaught of EVs from Kia, with the EV6 crossover being shown in the buff just last month. That vehicle, which also rides on the E-GMP, is intended to be offered in this country with a variety of electric propulsion options, including a dual-motor variant allegedly good for 313 horsepower and a 0–60 mph time of about 3.5 seconds. Other versions will deploy a single motor which will crank out either 167 or 218 electric ponies depending on trim level. Range in models with the most robust battery packs is alleged to be in excess of 300 miles.

Given the less aero-friendly silhouette cast by the EV9, there’s every chance in the world that the model will not match the EV6 acceleration numbers. However, a bigger vehicle means space for more batteries, so range might not suffer as much as one might assume at first blush. The E-GMP platform has all kinds of tricks up its electric sleeve, including a bi-directional plug from which a sufficiently charged vehicle can act as a 3.5kW generator for 110-volt and 220-volt household appliances or power tools. This feature may not fly in all markets but the platform is capable of this feat.

Kia promises to show the EV9 in greater detail this Thursday, November 11, on their global YouTube channel.

[Image: Kia]

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7 Comments on “Kia Releases Shadowy Teaser of Upcoming EV9...”

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    If either of these has 3 rows, 300+ miles range, and a price under $60k, I’ll be listening VERY carefully.

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      Mike A

      I am in those same boat. Recently pre ordered a Rivian R1S as it is he only electric seven seater that is useable. Would be great to have a competitor.
      Believe the article has a mistake, 300hp would not give a 3.5 second 0-60. You would need 500+ like the EV6 GT.

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    I can understand the value of teasing the silhouette of an exotic, sensuous new form, but this clunky one does nothing to intrigue me at all. It looks like they made it out of LEGOs.

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    So in order to remain with Cadillac, dealers must “install charging stations, update their service centers, and retrain staff to better tackle EVs”. That’s all well and good. I’m in a metro area of 400k+ that happens to have a major GM facility and GM employees who can buy at discount. One Cadillac dealer. Owned by the same clown that owns the local screaming Hyundai and Kia stores, so its the standalone store he inherited from Daddy. The local BMW dealer built an all new store 2 years ago. The Lexus dealer built a new store 10 years ago, just finished a rebuild to bring it up to current standards. The Cadillac store is still in 1992. It’s a colonial style building, the showroom is full of dark wallpaper and crystal chandeliers. No matter if this dealer invests in charging and fixing EV Caddy’s, there’s no way Cadillac is going to attract Tesla buyers with a replica of Grandma’s house for a dealership.

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