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BorgWarner's eTurbo
BorgWarner’s eTurbo will power the high-voltage hybrid vehicle of an undisclosed major European OEM. BorgWarner’s electric boosting technology increases engine efficiency and performance while meeting emissions regulations. This will be the first application of its electrically-assisted turbocharger in a high-voltage hybrid.

“Our eTurbo with integrated power electronics is able to deliver electrified boost assistance and recuperation to a wide range of vehicles,” said Joe Fadool, President and GM, BorgWarner Emissions, Thermal and Turbo Systems.

“BorgWarner has a long history with this manufacturer, and we are excited to deliver enhanced engine efficiency and performance with this application.”

The eTurbo mechanical turbocharger has an ultra-high-speed electric motor coupled to the shaft, which can serve as either a motor or a generator. Integrated or semi-integrated power electronics are options.

BorgWarner’s eTurbo provides electrified boost assistance for enhanced response along with standard turbocharger advantages. Claiming a 200 percent faster transient boost response, the eTurbo is said to have a 50 percent reduction in time-to-torque, reducing turbo lag and aiding engine downsizing.

The turbocharger works well with Miller cycle engine concepts, delivering improved fuel economy and reduced emissions without loss of performance.

BorgWarner’s eTurbo can also serve as a generator, able to collect excess exhaust energy and convert it into electrical energy. Repurposing the energy is effective for accessory power or battery charging, enabling smaller battery size usage.

Additional benefits include its ability to decrease emissions through aftertreatment management and air-fuel ratio control.

By having the ability to increase engine backpressure to reduce emissions, the eTurbo supports on-demand exhaust gas recirculation.

High-voltage, eTurbocharged hybrid vehicle production will begin in September 2023.

Audi is one of BorgWarner’s most important customers, according to BorgWarner’s newsletter. BorgWarner Turbo Systems is the sole supplier for all turbocharged Audi compression ignition (CI) engines.

[Image: BorgWarner]

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8 Comments on “BorgWarner’s eTurbo Powers High-Voltage Hybrids...”

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    F1 tech finally trickling down. It will be a great game changer in turbo engine drive ability once costs come down. Goodbye lag and increased efficiency using the turbo to generate electricity to batteries under boost.

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    This sounds like a fantastic idea, whose time has come. Electric turbo lowering the current turbo lag will illuminate many of the objections to turbo charged small displacement engines. I am wondering however, about the use of the turbo to increase engine back pressure. I don’t know about lowering omissions, but as I recall increased back pressure lowers engine efficiency. This may also be a limiting factor in the above mentioned utilization of this turbo to generate electricity from exhaust gas.

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    Make “illuminate” into eliminate.

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    This is a great example of some of the cool tech we could enjoy if legacy OEM’s weren’t panic-stricken by any voltages* ** higher than 14.

    * Ignoring pulsed DC at small amperage.

    ** In the product, not in the production process.

    Here is a weak ‘explanation’:

    Little-known fact – the Square D QO breakers in my detached garage are DC rated (to 125V):

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    SCE to AUX

    It would be nice if the article defined what a “high voltage hybrid” is.

    Does it refer to:
    – the 48-volt main bus often proposed but not delivered yet (as far as I know)
    – the usual 360-400 volt hybrid/EV electrics
    – maybe the new 800 volt systems coming online in the newest EVs

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    I made nearly the exact same comparo in 2002 when I was looking to by a 3YO ’99 off-lease.

    Ignored the Honda because I don’t want vanilla even if competent, and burned the Massimo because it wasn’t a 4DSC any longer.

    Wound up with a GREAT deal on an Avalon XLS Platinum that was so totally Buick it was wonderful…in all black it was a well-composed limo. Much better than the Camry, having had two already by then.

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