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BMW 2 Series coupes

The 2022 BMW 2 Series coupes are on their way. Dynamic testing, drivetrain, and suspension tuning on the two-door compact are nearing conclusion. Production begins in the late summer of 2021.

BMW 2 Series coupesThe new BMW 2 Series is being described as more nimble, agile, and powerful than previous models.

Tuning and testing at Nurburgring’s Nordschleife and on public roads around Munich, the new 2’s drivability is key.

BMW 2 Series coupes

The 230i and M240i AWD will be the first out of the gate, with the 230i xDrive and M240i to follow.

The M240i xDrive has a 3.0 liter, inline 6-cylinder TwinPower turbo under hood, producing 382 horsepower. Backed up by a standard 8-speed sport Steptronic automatic, alas there’s no mention of a manual transmission option.

xDrive AWD systems have an M sport rear differential to add traction and stability while accelerating, according to BMW.

BMW 2 Series coupes

There’s a front lip spoiler, splitter, air curtains, deflectors, and underfloor covers for the fuel tank and rear differential. BMW attributes a 50-percent reduction in front-end lift to the aerodynamic package.

Twelve percent more torsionally rigid than its predecessor, BMW has also increased front and rear tracks to add rigidity.

BMW 2 Series coupes

New shocks enhance ride comfort, while better responding to road conditions. The optional Adaptive M suspension adds electronically-controlled shocks with settings that are more dynamic or comfort-oriented.

Improved road feel comes from new, stiffer front axle support bearings. Another option, variable sports steering, reduces steering effort while improving driving feel.

Meanwhile, the 2 Series is out there killing cones in pursuit of fine-tuning the suspension. We’ve not yet reached the point of cone conservation.

[Images: BMW]

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9 Comments on “2022 BMW 2 Series Coupes Coming Soon...”

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    SCE to AUX

    Too many variants.

    By my count, BMW has *31* different vehicles to choose from, with sub-options under each. They are stuck in the same sales and market share rut as Mazda, but for different reasons.

    Best quote: “If there are 10 customers and you’re offering them 15 choices there’s going to be a lot of cars sitting around,” an anonymous dealer said. “But if there are 10 customers and you offer them two choices you’re going to sell every one and make some money.”

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    It looks a bit bulbous compared to the current F22, but I’m glad BMW is keeping the compact FR coupe. Now crossing fingers for a 6-speed manual option at least for the 230i.

  • avatar

    What will be Kia’s answer? It is their main competitor if believe to TTAC.

    • 0 avatar
      Art Vandelay

      Yep. Per the commentariat if you want to get around an autocross course the Telluride is the superior vehicle.

      • 0 avatar

        Don’t know about a Telluride, but autocrossing a slushbox equipped front engine with a strut front suspension, isn’t all that, either, if driver engagement is the goal. Doubly so, one whose every fix and repair is made needlessly complicated and pricey, by dragging around oodles of pointless “luxury” features.

        A Telluride AND a Miata, or 86, is probably about the same price as a 2 series…..

        For street driving, the 2 is about as great as it gets, though, if you don’t mind the slushbox. It’s not like it’s not a great car. Great size, great balance, great power. And plenty luxurious, comfortable and practical enough, without being a lumbering barge. But it’s just too heavy, complex and expensive for autocrossing.

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    Someone at BMW at least recognizes that their FWD platform is only fair at best, so all the MINIs, and other crap X1, X2, and transverse-engine blobs and Mazda5 knockoff they sell in Europe as 2 Series can be forgotten as anything to dream after. Mere commodity cars for the huge company car schemes that make up about half of European new car sales. All built on the FWD UKL1 and 2 platforms. Yech.

    BMW ran out of numbers, so calling this “new” FR coupe a 2 series when it is completely unrelated to the other schlock FWD 2 series is forced on them just as it was with the previous model. Why didn’t anyone in antiquity invent 2.5 as a whole number? If they had, BMW’s life would be easier!

    However, if the six cylinder 40i version of this new coupe doesn’t parody Donald Duck’s lips like the Supra but looks decent and doesn’t have the new Miss Piggy grille, then good. There will continue to be a similarly priced straight BMW competitor to the Supra and not just the sister Z4 convertible.

    Watch ’em stick that crap new corporate grille on it, though.

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    As long as BMW keeps cranking out B58 engines so I can eventually get one for cheap to swap into a used Toyota GT86….I’m happy.

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    Sort of over BMW at this point. The dealers seem to think it’s still the 1980s or 1990s, but BMW isn’t particularly “special” compared to the competition.

    As long as Alfa or Audi are doing what they’re doing, they’re far more likely to get my money than BMW.

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