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According to Project Cars 3, a video game from Slightly Mad Studios distributed by Bandai Namco, the new Nissan 400Z is shown in their latest downloadable content (DLC) power pack to possess some very serious horsepower.


In its interpretation of the Power Pack, flaunts the numbers shown in the video, such as 445 horsepower and a weight of 3,251 lbs. When it compared the 400Z to the powertrain in the last Z, the 2020 370Z, the numbers they found were 332 hp with a curb weight of 3,333 lbs. If that wasn’t impressive enough, they then pitted the new Z versus the 2021 Toyota Supra, whose inline-six produces 382 hp while weighing in at 3,400 lbs.


We’ve previously chronicled what we know so far about the 400Z’s powertrain and its design. With no official word from Nissan, there is more speculation than usual, and thus far no spy photos taken here or in Japan.


Project Cars 3’s power pack is referenced in a trailer, which can be viewed on Yahoo! Entertainment. In the trailer, there are numerous examples of 400Zs, modified for motorsport competition.


Not having played Project Cars 3, I had to admit the trailer gave me the urge to go out and buy a Playstation4. I wonder if there’s a Gamestop nearby where I can go and try it out?

[Images: Slightly Mad Studios]


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7 Comments on “2022 400Z HP Revealed?...”

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    I’ve heard from more seasoned racing sim fans that the Project Cars series isn’t all that great, its also quite grindy like all modern games.

    Can’t speak on it myself though, racing games after 2008 are just too expensive to mess with if you want actual content.

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      Project Cars 1 and 2 are pretty decent on a PC with a good wheel but PC3 is arcade all the way.

      Asseto Corsa is very good as well with more support form the modding community, but I prefer the feel of PC2.

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      Art Vandelay

      Asetto Corso is better graphically but Project Cars is OK. I typically play iRacing which graphically is the worse but has the best racing. It gets spendy if you want to run a bunch of cars and tracks. I run dirt sprint cars as far as paying for content so thats a few tracks at 11 bucks per. All the other stuff I just do the free ones.

      Project cars skews to more arcade like play in my opinion, but it is fun. I haven’t done it since I set up VR though.

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    Land Ark

    That’s enough to know that I won’t be able to afford or justify affording one. Too bad, I would have considered one.

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    I wouldn’t base anything on the 400Z being in some game. Gran Turismo (which is a realistic sim) included several concept cars over the years often rendered using prototypes with guesstimated HP and weight figures. In the screenshot shown here is the Z Proto, not the 400Z which we all assume is the one you’ll actually be able to buy from Nissan. The HP and LBS look plausible, but we shall see if the real deal can hit these numbers.

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    Dave M.

    The HHR never did anything for me. The PT Cruiser was far better looking.

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