New Nissan 400Z Spied With Hood Up

Jason R. Sakurai
by Jason R. Sakurai
new nissan 400z spied with hood up

In photos obtained by, the Nissan 400Z prototype is seen with its hood propped open, and there it is, a 400 horsepower, twin-IHI turbocharged, VR30DDTT V6 engine. First available in the Infiniti Q50 sedan, a year later in 2016 it was also in the Q60 coupe in 300 and 400 HP versions.

The VR30DDTT has an aluminum block and cylinder heads, direct-mount turbos with integrated exhaust manifolds to decrease weight, and an electronic wastegate actuator. There’s also a lightweight resin intake and lower oil pan, an electronically-controlled variable-displacement oil pump, and twin water-to-air intercoolers with two water pumps.

Layerworks, the owner of a NISMO GT-R that was also at the Nissan Crossing showroom in Tokyo’s Ginza district, caught the 400Z prototype while workers were changing the display after hours. It was their familiarity with Nissan and Infiniti engines that led to the identification of the engine as a Q60 400 Red Sport, due to the location of three coolant caps, the shape of a reservoir, and the position of a large coolant hose and smaller reservoir overflow hoses.

Little by little, information about the 400Z is surfacing, and the level of excitement over its debut continues to build.

[Images: Nissan]

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  • Ol Shel Ol Shel on Feb 06, 2021

    People who were never in the market for a sports car are lining up on teh interwebz to tell us that if only the new Z had moar of this or less of that (what the hell was Nissan thinking?!) that'd have bought one or two.

  • RHD RHD on Feb 06, 2021

    The 400Z hood-up picture showed... a big plastic engine cover!

    • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Feb 08, 2021

      They all have that now. What's behind the curtain, er, under the plastic cover is too complicated, too mysterious, to be messed with by a mere owner of the vehicle, but authorized dealer service only. Officially, though, it's to keep the engine clean.

  • Dawn Maple They haven't even fixed the airbag issues and recalls completely, so why waste more time and money on another "safety feature" that removes choices from the driver? We would be safer getting in a car driven by Helen Keller. Oh wait with driver assist, all she has to do is find her car and turn it on.
  • Lorenzo I'm out. I'd never find it in the dark.
  • VoGhost Minivans don't sell well, and the market has been declining. And while the entire 'range anxiety' myth is mostly a big oil propaganda designed to scare the weak minded, minivans are often how families travel to grandma's house, so that will be a concern, unless VW can gain access to the Supercharger network. I could see 50K units at peak, declining to 25K/year after a couple of years, unless VW can price competitively with Tesla.
  • VoGhost Glad you're healthy, Tim
  • VoGhost 20 years ago, Sportage was the bottom of the barrel, a joke. Kia's come a long way.